Family Based US Immigrant Visa in Nigeria – Immigrate & Live in USA with Family

Are you a foreign citizen particularly from Nigeria seeking to live permanently in the United States with your family? Alright, here is how to go about it. We prepare this article to expose to you all you need to know about Family Based US Immigrant Visa in Nigeria and the application guidelines.

Traveling to the United States from Nigeria is very easy when you follow the proper channel. And all you need is an F4 Visa – Family-Based Immigration for Siblings of US citizens. Kindly read this article and get all you need to know about how you can apply for your Family Based US Immigrant Visa in Nigeria.

Types of Family Based US Immigrant Visa in Nigeria

There are basically two types of family visas one you can apply for if you want to travel to the USA with members of your family.

  1. Immediate relatives and
  2. Family preference.

Immediate relatives and

The immediate relatives are a type of family visa that is based on a close family relationship with a U.S. citizen, such as a spouse, child, or parent. The number of immigrants under the immediate family visa is not limited to each fiscal year.

Family preference.

On the other hand, the family preference visa is for specific, more distant, family relationships with a U.S. citizen and some specified relationships with a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) in the United States. The number of immigrants under this type of visa is limited each fiscal year.

The two-family visa is regulated by the United States immigration law, particularly by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

How to Apply for a Family based USA Immigrant Visas

To apply for any family visa to the USA from Nigeria, you must follow the steps in the U.S. Immigrant Visa Process. Upon completing those steps, review the instructions given to you by the National Visa Center (NVC), along with the information presented on the, for further guidance and instructions.

After making your application online you will be given a date and time for a visa interview.

Required Documents for Family Visa to USA From Nigeria Application

You must get the following documents ready before making your family visa application.

  • Biographic Data Questionnaire (DS-260)
  • Valid Nigerian Passport
  • Documentation of Marriages and Divorces
  • Affidavit of Support and Tax Documents
  • Birth Certificates
  • Medical Report
  • Passport-Size Photos (2 )
  • Police Report

How to Apply for F4 Visa – Family-Based Immigration for Siblings of US Citizens

The F4 visa application process must start with the US citizen petitioning for his siblings to join in the US. The petition must be approved so that the siblings and their families can start to apply for the F4 visa. The siblings cannot start their application and will not be eligible if they apply for an F4 visa without an approved petition. This means that the application is divided into two parts:

  1. The US Citizen petitions for their adult child, spouse, and minor children to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  2. When the petition is approved, the adult child and their family must apply to a US Embassy or Consulate in their home country

Your Visa Interview

Ensure that you have those documents listed above on the day of the interview. All applicants for the Family Based US Immigrant Visa in Nigeria over the age of 14 will have their fingerprints taken at the interview. An accompanying adult will submit their own fingerprints in lieu of those for minor children under the age of 14.

After the interview, if your visa is approved, the Consular officer will provide you with instructions on how to pick up your visa. You are required to create a profile on in order to receive information on the status of your visa.

However, if your visa application is denied, you will be informed by the consular officer stating why your visa is denied.

Where can I collect my Family-Based U.S. Immigration Visa in Nigeria?

You can collect your family visa to USA from Nigeria at:

  • GSS Document Collection Center
  • DHL. Plot 230 Muri Okunola Street
  • Victoria Island, Lagos.