FB Story | how to Share Memories  on Facebook-Facebook profile


 FB Story | how to Share Memories  on Facebook-Facebook profile

  The FB Story – Memories are worth sharing, come to talk of this time that Facebook has plans for you. Today, we will show you how to share a memory on an FB story. Won’t you love to share yours? Great! Join us today as we drive you around this set of new experiences on Facebook.

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In a bid to share a memory on your Fb story, there are certain things you can and cannot share. In order to avoid this, you certainly need to read up this page. Right on this page, we got reviews on Facebook sharing of memory, how to share Facebook posts to the story, what can be shared on the Facebook story, and how to delete memories. Let’s get started then…

What is a story all about?

The story is another improvised way of posting your pictures on your Facebook account or page. Meanwhile, there is some slight difference which we acknowledged on this page. Simply, we tagged it as what you can add to the story. Guess what it’s? Check it out below

Things that can be posted on the story

     Short clips up to  about 10 Mb

     Photos

     Quotes

     Add more than 5 photos etc.

Above all, Facebook is the best platform you should look forward to posting on the story. In addition, you can market your business right on the story.

However, you can easily slide to your story and add up more stories. But then, for you to do this you must have a Facebook profile. Thus, this is to enable Facebook to collect your data.

To make it simple, the Facebook story is an alternative way to temporarily share your pictures, shot videos, etc. In less than 24hrs. Mind you, you need the Facebook mobile app as well to kick start this effectively.

The good thing about this Facebook story is that you can post daily on this place. Hence, it permits day-to-day posting. Get Facebook 2020 app and get started then.

Facebook Memory Review-FB Story

The Facebook Story of today was added to Facebook in 2019. Thus, it permits users toshare stories in form of photos and videos. It just a feature on the top left side of FB home page.

Generally, we can borrow the WhatsApp language by saying that FB stories are status. Why not sign up to start enjoying this.

However, if you have a business page then FB story is a great strategy to use for marketing. Perhaps, the best platform for the day-to-day advert at no cost, unlike Google ad.

How to Share a Memory on FB Story | Share Facebook Post to Story

To kick start this sharing of memory on a story is very easy. Most importantly, we will show you how to do so in a language-friendly manner. Check out the step to posting on your story!

  • First and foremost, launch your FB app and login your account
  • Locate the story feature at the top left side of the home page
  • Next, hit on it and agree to add it to your story
  • This command will take you to your gallery so you can select what you want to post. Find the picture, video clip, etc, that you want to add and hit on it. Mind you, you can select at least as many photos to add to your story. To do that, press-hold the picture to select more than one photo
  • After you are done selecting, you can tag friends for more views

     When you are done, hit on share post and you have your post shared on your story.

How to Share a Memory to Facebook Story on Mobile

With your mobile device, you can easily share FB stories. Besides, you have huge access to your entire photos and gallery as the case may be.

In other words, work is made easier with a mobile phone. Of course, Facebook has a compatible app for iOS devices, Android, windows, and more. Simply download the app and sign in to get started. hence, follow up on the above steps to post on your story.

Facebook story app | How to use Facebook Story App to Share Story

You must have wondered what the Facebook story app is like. Thus, it’s no other thing but the Facebook app 2020 app, perhaps, Facebook Lite 2020.

Above all, this app has the single purpose we want to do, which is sharing a post on the story. So, get to upload your photos and videos when you want.

How to Delete Memories on Facebook Story

You can add and delete your story anytime you want to. Besides, Facebook will surely delete your story after 24 hours you posted your story. But, you can actually delete your story if you want to remove it for a purpose.

Click on that story and locate the three dots at the right side of the story and hit on delete the story. That’s all.


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