FBI internships | Internship Student –How to apply


FBI internships | Internship Student –How to apply

The FBI Internships-If you want to apply for an internship with the FBI it’ll be a dream come true for you. If these are your desires then this article is for you. Let me start by discussing what the FBI stands for. FBI is simply a national intelligence-driven security organization that has both intelligence and law enforcement responsibility.

fbi internships

The FBI team is responsible for dictating and investigating crime. This team has helped the US government to capture criminals and also dictate crime. It’s one of the most active security agencies in the United States.

Students who are interested in working with the FBI can make good use of the information I’ll be dropping in this article. FBI also accepts internship students. Though applying for your internship program with the FBI is always very competitive.

This is because thousands of students from different universities, colleges, always apply for their internship program with the FBI. However, the FBI always provides other law enforcement agencies with fingerprint identification, laboratory examination, and training. Any student who will pass their screening test will be given the necessary training and knowledge they desire.

However, the FBI internship offers various entry-level positions in a very wide range of disciplines to students of all backgrounds. The opportunity of working with the FBI provides students from all walks of life and also allows them to start a career for themselves.

They’ll have access to know about an insider’s perspective on FBI operations while gaining unparalleled experience by visiting scientist programs.

FBI Internships

Are you wondering if the FBI offers an internship program? Yes, it does. As a student who is aspiring to work with the FBI or undergo your internship program with the FBI, you can be accepted. The FBI offers programs to all students of all backgrounds.

However, it’s 10 weeks paid internship program for graduates and undergraduates students. It offers a good opportunity to the student to learn and work with the FBI employees.

The Amount you’ll Receive and Internship Student with the FBI

All internship students are entitled to a fee which they’ll receive from the government. As you’re making your research and working with the FBI the government will pay you some money.

Over 15,000 students always apply for the FBI internship program every year. And out of 15,000 students, the FBI will only select 700 students. These internship students will be assigned to work at the FBI headquarters. All the students that’ll be working with the FBI will receive $16 per hour. They pay their student per hour.

Each of the intern students that’ll be accepted must pass a background test which includes a polygraph examination and a drug test.

How to Apply for FBI Internships

FBI internship program is available for all undergraduates and graduates and it’s a 10-week program. Over thousands of students apply to do their internship program with the FBI every year.

However, students will work side by side with the FBI employees during the period of their program with the FBI. They post students that’ll be selected to their different offices and headquarters which is about 56 filed located across the country.

The main aim of the internship program is to provide students with good experiences which they can’t find anywhere. FBI also hires managers who seek applications from a wide range of academic areas of study.

The requirement for application;

  • All students must come from an accredited university and college in the United States. And they must be a full-time student of the college or university.
  • The student most maintains at least 2.85 GPA to 3.0 GPA. Also, the student must obtain top security clearance to qualify.
  • Choose the FBI internship position you’ll want to go for.
  • Sturdy their requirements before you apply.
  • If you encounter any difficulty when applying please contact Johanna Caplan at buffalointernships@sayyestoeducation.ord.
  • Must be a US citizen.
  • When you’ve completed your application also inform Johanna Caplan.

When you’ve all the requirements, you can apply for the internship through their online portal. Also before applying for your internship with the FBI, prepare your resume because it’ll be required.

A cover letter of your application will also be required too.  When you’ve prepared your cover letter and resume, please submit them at nuffalointernships@sayyestoeducation.org for professional review.

How FBI Internship selection works
  • Initial Selection and interview
  • Final Selection and Condition Offer
  • Background Investigation
  • Enter on Duty.

Initial Selection and interview

All the competitive candidates will be selected and called for an interview.

Final Selection and conditional offer

FBI makes their selections based on academic achievements, the student’s area of study, life/work experience, and the needs of the FBI. The selected one will receive a conditional offer of employment from the FBI.

Background investigation

The student that’ll accept the conditional offer will receive an an-QIP invite through their mail. They’ll be scheduled for some personal security interview that’ll be conducted by the FBI. The interview includes;

Test of fingerprint, military records, medical records, and more.

Enter on Duty

All selected students will be contacted and scheduled for entering on the duty date. Finally, these are the things you’ll see and undergo when you’ve been selected.


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