France Student Visa | How you can Get a France Student Visa

France Student Visa | How you can Get a France Student Visa

How you can get a France Student Visa: if you’re a student and you’re aspiring to apply for a France-sponsored scholarship.  Or maybe you want to go to France to study, it’s always important you get the basic knowledge on how to get a France Student Visa. For you to be eligible for applying for this Scholarship, you ought to know all that is required.

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However, some students luckily get the privilege of studying in France because of the scholarship France offers. While some students just move to France on their own to study even without this scholarship. Furthermore, some scholarships offer free visas while others require you to work on your France visa. That’s to say that most individuals process their France visas to study in France.

No matter what your choice may be, this article is just available to see you through how to apply for a student visa for France. There are few requirements you must meet up in order to apply for France student visa.

Also, your France visa application can be gotten after the application.  It’s advised that before you apply for your visa, you’re supposed to know your study duration so as to know the visa type to apply for.

France Visa Type for Students

  • All applicants who intend to go to France to take a study that will last for up to three months. But it won’t be more than three months when applying, Go straight to the Schengen student visa to apply. Meanwhile, it’s the short-term visa that you’ll apply for less than three months duration.
  • Also, this scholarship program has one for students that are traveling to France for entrance exams. That’s to say, if you’re called to sit for an entrance exam, you’re entitled to that type of student France visa. This is the type of visa you must apply for because of the duration.
  • Hey! Have you concluded to join the duration to 6 months due to the type of study to carry on in France? If yes, then note that a temporary long duration visa is the student visa type to apply for.
  • The long-stay student visa: This is the visa type prompts for a residence permit as well. With this visa type, you’re free to take up to 3 years of the study program to 4 years. Simply just meet up with the requirements and then apply as required by the agency.

The above listed are the list of student visa types for this country called France. Maybe you’re on your own on this study in France, either of them is what you must choose for a move into France.

 Student Visa Application Requirements

Have can you discover your student visa type for France? The next step here is to find out all the documents required before you start processing your visa application. Some of these required documents include;

  • A Bank Statement that’ll prove sufficient funds of USD820 for every month. Note that the total balance must be up to at least one year.
  • Present proof of return repatriation.
  • Your admission letter or acceptance letter from the French institution that accepted you will be needed.
  • Present proof of purchase medical insurance must be in the picture and it’s compulsory.
  • Finally, a French proficiency certificate will be needed.

When you have all these requirements plus an exposed idea on how to get a France student visa, ten you’re good to go.

How you can Get a France Student Visa

Do you have a France embassy in your country? If yes, then go to the Embassy or consulate to apply for a student visa into France. Give them all prompted documents completely and submit them alongside the application form. Also, Schedule an appointment and attend the interview. Make sure that your visa application is processed and evaluated as supposed so that you’ll get positive feedback after all the stress.

Finally, they are France scholarships for international students that you’ll love to apply and move into France with their help. You can visit their online platform to understand more about how you can apply for it.