How do I get a free Google Nest Mini: Get nest mini free

How do I get a free Google Nest Mini: Get nest mini free

How do I get a free Google nest mini is a question most people ask. If you’re reading this article and this is your question I have some good news for you. I’ll be writing on how you can know you’re eligible to get the free Google nest mini. The truth is that not everyone will have access to enjoy Google nest mini.

free Google nest mini

They’re some things you need to do and some conditions you also need to meet. However, the more you read to know about how you can be eligible, the more you’ll see the conditions you need to meet to be able to qualify. Firstly let’s look at what Google nest mini is.

What is Google Nest Mini – free Google Nest Mini

If I don’t explain this, you might really not understand the importance of the offer, Google is giving. Google has decided to give out some free nest mini to users that’ll qualify for it. You might be the lucky one to receive this offer from Google after reading this article.

Google nest mini is a speaker that is produced by Google. This speaker has some interesting features that might interest you. However, this speaker has a similar design to other upgraded speakers.

Google Assistant is built in this speaker, this means that you can use it to control some smart home devices, find out some information from your web. You can also play music and do many other things with the designed Google nest mini.

Google Nest mini Design and Setup

Google nest mini is a small puck-shaped device with a fabric covering over the top. It also has a LED light under the fabric to indicate Google assistance and the volume. At the back of the device are a power input and a switch that’ll help you mute the microphone.

You’ll also find a keyhole on the rear, which makes it easy to be mounted at the wall.  However, you can find nest mini in four different colors; you can find it in the sky, coral, charcoal, chalk colors. This device has a beautiful design that makes it look good.

Some features free Google Nest Mini

  1. Dimensions: 1.65 to 3.85 inches
  2. 181g(6.38oz)
  3. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support
  4. It has Google assistance built in it.
  5. It supports Android and iOS apps.
  6. Also, it has a rear keyhole for mounting.

As you can see the device has some interesting features that are nice. It has a good sound speaker that you’ll enjoy. When you’re playing music with it, it provides a nice sound that will push you to dance to the tone.

However, Google is offering some free nest mini speakers to some users that’ll be qualified for it. How will you know you’re qualified for it? Some of the things you need to note are in this article. They’re different ways you can be qualified to get a free Google nest mini.

How to get Google Nest Mini if you’re a YouTube premium or Google play music subscriber

  1. Ensure you’re logged into your Google account, the one you’re using for YouTube premium or Google play music in your browser.
  2. When you go to the website, check to know if the free nest mini is yours.
  3. If it’s your own, use the promotion code that’s there to grab your nest mini.

These steps are majorly what you need to do to grab the free next mini that’ll be provided for you. Follow the steps carefully and you won’t find it difficult to grab the offer.

For you to qualify for the free nest Mini offer, you must have the following conditions
  1. The first thing you should note is that you must have been an active paid member of the YouTube premium. It could be the YouTube music premium or Google play music. Also, you should be a paid member too.
  2. The paid membership must be one of the following; an individual plan or a family plan where you’re the head of the home. Also, it has a student plan, choose the plan that’s suitable for you and do it.
  3. Finally, you must redeem the first nest mini offer by 11:59 P.M PDT.

In conclusion, when you make an offer, you don’t have to wait too long to redeem this offer. This free nest mini operates on the first-come, first-serve rules. So if you redeem your offer, you’ll get the free nest mini offer from Google.