Freshbooks Login | Freshbooks Pricing | Freshbooks for enterpreneurs

Freshbooks Login | Freshbooks Pricing | Freshbooks  for enterpreneurs

Freshbooks login is your one-time login  to access your Freshbooks account.In case you’re not  aware of the Freshbooks platform, it’s a popular platform for entrepreneurs and business-oriented persons.

freshbooks login

If you are among those that haven’t heard of this platform however, it’s not too late as there’s still time for you to be educated about the platform.

This platform is meant for entrepreneurs, a team of business-oriented persons, and mainly accountants.

Well, this platform is supposed for almost anyone operating his or her business online.

We are sure that you would possibly be curious on what this platform is already and the way you’ll be able to have the benefit of it.

With the introduction, this text already promises to be an interesting one and you would like to grasp the essential and required knowledge about it.


Freshbooks is accounting software.

Well if you run a business and you are having issues balancing the accounting aspect of your business,

Then you would like to form use of this platform.

Well you can always hire an accountant for that. But come to consider it, what if you don’t have an accountant in your books, what if you d?

I’m not trying to insinuate that this platform is easy to use. But rather, what i’m trying to mention here is that on this platform you get to spend tim.

Freshbooks is a platform made for the business-oriented people.

Freshbooks login

For your Freshbooks login, visit the site at

  • Enter your email address, password and click on the login tab to login to your Freshbooks account.
  • As you sign in , choose a business
  • Tap on the gear icon in the top left
  • After this, click on “My profile’’
  • You can as well click on the change email address and move straight to change or update your email address
  • Tap on the save option button
  • You’ll get a verification email to verify your new address. After this, click on verify and continue button in the email.

Who Is Freshbooks For

I have stated during this article already that this platform is for the business personnel.

Well to further simplify it, this platform is created for entrepreneurs, teams, and accountants.

This is often one among the most effective tools out there for your invoicing, expenses, tax time prep, online payments so far more.

This platform possesses all you would like to succeed business-wise because it doesn’t just buy you quality time,

it also helps you are doing the work so you don’t need to.

As an entrepreneur, this is often an all-in-one bookkeeping and accounting solution which will optimize your work time.

For teams working together, this accounting tool will help keep you and your team in moderation with its easy to use and understand timesheets.

Freshbooks Pricing

This platform isn’t free; to enjoy optimal use of this platform you’ll have to purchase a plan.

After you join up on this platform you’ll be a free 30-day trial.

And after the expiration of your free trial, you’ll have to enter your preferred payment method.

The pricing for the varying plans on this platform are as follows;

Lite Plan

This platform is created for the self-employed pro on the go. This plan costs $4.50 monthly.

The Lite plan can only accommodate 5 billable clients. Other features of this plan are;

  • Automated bank import.
  • Unlimited estimates.
  • Unlimited + customized invoices.
  • Insightful tax time reports.
  • Unlimited expense trials.
  • Custom functionality and workflows with over 200 integrations $10 per every team member.
  • Unlimited time tracking so far more.

Plus plan

This plan is created for tiny businesses out there with intentions of making it big.

This plan costs $7.50 monthly with an accommodation rate of fifty billable clients. Features of this plan are;

  • Unlimited proposals.
  • $10 per team member.
  • Schedule late fees.
  • Automated recurring invoices.
  • Client readers.

This plan is for businesses having large teams.

This plan costs $15.00 per month. Also, this plan can accommodate up to 500 billable clients. Other features of the plan include;

All premium

  • Up to 500 clients if less.
  • $10 for every team member.
  • Advanced payments of $20 per month.
  • All plus features.

Custom Pricing

This plan accommodates over 500 billable clients and it’s made for a bustling business that needs more out of their service. The features of this plan are;

  • Personal account manager.
  • Easy to navigate and Xerox integration.
  • Receive free and customized training for you and your team. Low MasterCard transaction rates.

Freshbooks Login

You’ll have to login to your account to get access to your dashboard and track your progress with the platform.

Logging in to the present platform is simple. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Freshbook platform on your device.
  • Click on the login tab at the highest right corner of the Freshbooks online portal.
  • Enter your login details (email address and password) within the paces provided.
  • Click on login.

Freshbooks Account

To make use of the services, tools, and features of this platform you’ll have to have a registered account thereon.

Signing up for an account on this platform gives you users a free 30-day trial. To join up or register for an account;

  • Go to Freshbook.
  • Click on the try it for the free tab.


  • You can either join up with Google or enter our email address and build a password within the spaces provided for you.
  • Click on start.