Goody’s Credit Card : Goody’s Credit Card Payment

Goody’s Credit Card: Goody’s Credit Card Payment

Lucky enough, cardholders can make payments with their phone without stress.  Goody’s credit card allows you to purchase goods both online and offline. These and more are what we’ll talk about in this article. Will you want to know how to pay for Goody’s credit card with your phone? Then you’ll have to keep reading to be able to understand how to use this credit card effectively.

Goodys credit card

Goody’s provides a secured line that customers can always call when they wish to. And it’ll help them not to undergo the stress of paying for a card online or at the store. Sometimes, your schedules might be tight for you to even render a simple instruction. Meanwhile, all you need is to put up a call to Goody’s, and immediately your card will be reloaded at once. Let’s look at how you can easily make payment with Goody’s credit card online.

How to Pay Goody’s Credit Card Online

Making Payment with Goody’s card is very simple and much easier when it happens to be done online. However, with online payment, you can schedule payments, making it much easier and not disturbing next time your Goody’s credit card payment approaches. Note that, for you to have access to the “PAY” button, the account has to be created.

  • You can simply log in with your account with your normal username and password.
  • Then click on the Sign In button.
  • When you get to Goody’s credit card homepage, search, locate and click on the Pay button.
  • Fill in your details in the payment form with prompted details.
  • Then complete your payment by following the prompts.
  • Then finally, the fund will reflect in your account afterward.

Paying your card through an online account is one of the simplest methods you can use to make a payment. It’ll give you the opportunity to schedule payments, which will allow funds to automatically drop in your card’s wallet on the due date.

How to Log in 

When you make use of your username and password pertinent to your  credit card, the account created for your card will show on your screen. The steps below will direct you on how to do that.

  • Visit Comenity bank’s website which is for Goody’s card.
  • Then move to the left side of the page to enter the card’s account user ID.
  • Fill in the affiliated password in the next column provided.
  • Then click on Login.

The above listed simply shows how all Goody’s cards with assisting accounts are logged in. meanwhile, when you follow the listed steps, you can log in successfully.

Credit Card Payment 

To the best of your knowledge, you can easily make payment with your card online by using the method shared. It could either be with you above this section or just send a payment order through the mail. The mail address is, you can see the example below.

P.O. Box 659465,

San Antonio,

TX 78265-9465.

Also, the normal way of making payments by most people is by going directly to the store for payment.

Another step is to put up a call to the customer service for payment after answering a few questions. The interrogations will help to prove and make the service believe that you’re the owner of the card. Meanwhile, whenever you’re ready to make payment with your phone.

These are the few things you need to do to be able to make payment with Goody’s credit card. In case you encounter any problem you can call the number provided in this article.