Create a Google Ads Account – How to Set Up and Create Google Ads Account

Create a Google Ads Account – How to Set Up and Create Google Ads Account

 Hey! We got the perfect way for you to reach out to new customers online. Are you ready to create a Google Ads Account for your business? Then you should be all out with your book and biro to write down steps.

google ads account

However, Google Ads would be the best place for you to advertise your business or program. This is because you will reach out to people beyond your jurisdiction. The good thing here is that it is very fast to do with the account. Mind you, you cannot do that without having an ad account.

Hey! How about having a website? Of course, it is necessary before you start creating an ad account with Google. So, once you settle down having a Google account then you can get an ad account.

Create a Google Ads Account

Create a Google ads account is a hint on creating a Google AdWords account. Yes, AdWords! Previously, Google ad was called AdWords.  With this, you display brief product content or video content to a large number of people. But, you will have to pay for each of the adverts you make using this Google ad.

Of course, what you should have in mind is that you will get a good return in as much as it will cost you money. Remember, we use the money to chase after more money, and that is this strategy Google ads use.

Free Google Ad

Hey! You better listen to this am about to say so you won’t be deceived. To run a Google ad is not totally free. Yes! You can make use of the platform but the tools will demand you unlock them with money. So, that is where the money stuff comes in.

So, while choosing a keyword you will need to be observant. Thus, if you use a keyword searched for by web users, your ad will appear at the top search result with a small tag showing it’s a paid result. So, when your bid comes above what other advertisers bid on for the same keyword, then you will be chosen.

Advantages of Google Ads

This is countless because they are lots of benefits in using google ads. Here is some in case you want to start making use of it to get the attention of customers.

  • This is a simple way to increase the awareness of your brand to so many people.
  • For Competition. This is super true, because, you can counter your competitors with a better view of what you can offer with the ads.
  • Above all, your web customers can connect to you easily and more of it will come along.

So, you can stand a chance of placing your business line online while you start receiving orders from web visitors.

Create Google Ads Account – How to Create Google Ads Account

To get this ads account, you need to first get your Google account ready. If you don’t have then you should go to and sign up. Afterward, follow down the steps for your ads account below:

  • Go to using your Chrome browser preferably.
  • Select the correct Google account for this if you have more than one on the list,
  • Log in with your password.
  • Now, the next step is to create your first campaign.
  • Here comes the list of goals for the advert, so choose the one you want. Some include get more calls, get more website sales or sign-ups or gain more visitors to your physical store. So, choose and click on next to move on.
  • Now, you need to provide your business name and your business website.
  • On the next page, provide your business location followed by a keyword theme. The keyword theme is a word that enables your ads to show if you search for it. Thus, it could be your blog sites, money agencies, banking, food, etc. Also, you can choose more than a keyword theme.
  • Next, list the products, and services you offer. In doing that, you will have to give a few reports on how good your products are by making a proper description. That is what will reflect first when people search for your keyword. More or less, it is like a snippet.
  • Enter your phone number to enable easy contact between you and your online visitors.
  • Now, set up your budget. That is the amount that you want to use for sponsoring the ad campaign. Also, you will decide how many times your ad will show each day.
  • Afterward, you will have a preview section where you can confirm if what appears there is what you want. So, you can make adjustments if need be.

Finally, confirm your payment either by paying with a credit card or bank account.