Google Maps | How to get Traffic Lights Location on Androids

Google Maps | How to get Traffic Lights Location on Androids

Google Maps to show Locations of Traffic Light. Apple launched the iOS 13 a year back and included the traffic light feature of which Google is yet to add.

Google maps

Apple included the stop signs and traffic lights features in the iOS 13, that is, for iPhone users. This feature is to provide drivers with relevant pieces of information as they move to head to their next location

Before then, the Google Map has received features like integrated menu scanning, YouTube Music integration, Live View AR navigation, real-time location sharing UI and so much more.

Well, the amazing news I bring to you is that Google just launched its feature to show Traffic Lights on Android. Overwhelming right? Yes!

Google Map to show Traffic Lights on Androids

The Google Maps app now shows the locations of Traffic lights on Android phones. Though, the feature is new and just arrived.

It is not yet available in all countries. It will first be reaching some group of people in the United States. So, it is very possible that if you have a beta. You might not still see the feature or be able to use it

Traffic Lights features

Google is making efforts to add the locations of traffic lights to its Google Map without any delayed progress. The location of the traffic lights is a small icon that shows its position. You will see the location of the traffic light’s feature on both the navigation mode and on Google’s map.

This will make us know the location of several traffic lights always. Whether they are red, amber, or even green. However, there is no information about this at the moment, you can only get information about the location.

Though the icons are small but as soon as you zoom into or enter the navigation mode, the icon gets bigger and increases. This amazing new feature gives us info about the traffic lights on any route. The feature is only available for a small group of users on version 10.44.3 of Android, however, it has higher versions already. Apple Map though, launched a similar feature last year which includes functionality like Siri. It alerts users when they are getting close to a traffic light.

Google has not added any functionality yet for users. Though, this might change when the feature is available to other users

We all know that the Google map feature displaying the locations of traffic lights on an Android phone is a new feature and it is not available yet in all countries. So, I will advise you just to keep calm and be patient until it gets to your country. However, let’s watch and see if the feature will be available in Europe or not