Google Pay | How to make payment with Google pay

How To Use Google Pay | How to make payment with Google pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices.

Google Pay

Therefore, It enables a user to make payments with Android phones, tablets, etc.

Google Pay Via Android Phone

This service is a  digital wallet and payment platform from Google.

This enables users to pay for transactions with Android devices in-store and on supported websites, mobile apps and Google services, such as google play store.

Users link credit or debit cards to their G  Pay account, which is used for making the transactions online purchases.

However,  the app uses near field communication NFC to interact with payment terminals and also users can conduct transitions with G Pay on sites that support the service.

How the app use started

Google wallet was the first mobile payment system. The company, developed for Android devices in 2011.

In 2015, it was named Android Pay, with Google Wallet refocused to strictly peer-to-peer payments.

However, in 2018, Google announced that Google Wallet would join the other payment offerings under G Pay branding.

Thus, Google Wallet was then named Google Pay Send. is available for contactless payments on Android devices.

The peer-to-peer functions and account access are available on iOS.

However, when using an iPhone or Apple Watch for NFC payments, only Apple Pay is eligible for this case use.

How to Use Google Pay

The app service works with hundreds of banks and payment providers.

Specifically, cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are called out for support.

Thus, Users should check their individual bank if they’re unsure about its compatibility with the app

In addition, the pay app user website maintains a list of supporting their country banks.

There is also a Google support site list of featured stores and transit agencies that support the app. Users should look for the G  Pay symbol on a terminal.

Therefore, users must have the G Pay app installed on their device and have to link a card to their account.

Though, After using the app, the list of previous transactions is saved to one’s Google account for later retrieval and record keeping.

Security of G  Pay App

It generates a unique, encrypted number instead of your actual credit card number when registering the transaction.

Additionally, this virtual account number is removed if the screen lock is disabled on the user’s device.

In case, Your device lost, Google’s Find My Device service can be used to remotely wipe sensitive information, if necessary.

Nevertheless, Users can also sign into their app account from another device and remove any cards or bank accounts they have attached.

Google Pay Send

This app can send money using the peer-to-peer payment function of the app.

However, Individuals can use the service to send money to friends or other contacts by inputting their email address or phone number into the application.

Whoever receives the money must link the phone number or email address to a bank account.

Though, if they have an existing account, the money will be posted directly to that account. Payments can be sent without fees through the app for android, iOS or through one’s app account on the web.