Google pixel 6 | Nice tips about Google Pixel 6 Features

Google pixel 6 | Nice tips about Google Pixel 6 Features

Google Pixel 6- Have you heard of google pixel 6? Well, we’ll be discussing pixel 6 in this article. We believe you’ve heard of pixel 5, pixel 4 pixels 3, and more. Pixel 6 is almost the same as other google pixel and that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Google pixel 6

Google pixel 6 is also known as pixel XE, and it’s yet to be produced. It’ll soon be a better replacement of pixel 5 or you can say it’s an advanced version of pixel 5. We’ll be telling you all you need to know about pixel 6 before its official release. Presently, we don’t have the exact date of the official release. Based on our discovery, the release of Pixel 6 is supposed to be within the last quarter of the year.

Google Pixel 6

Let’s go into the main topic of the day, now google pixel 6 is a phone created by google just like other pixels. This phone could have an octa-core processor found in $699 pixel 4a 5G, the only same thing between it and pixel 5 is $699. For now, we don’t know what the cost might be, probably; it’ll be higher than pixel 5.

Pixel 6 has more upgraded cameras and a large screen. It also has a bigger battery, more ram of storage. Some persons have predicted that the release of pixel 6 might be a bit affordable. However, we can only confirm that when it has officially been released.

Those who have used pixel 5 and other pixels have testified that they’re all good. With this in mind, we already know that the new to be released phone will be fine and okay.

Google Pixel 6 pre-Oder Information

This phone will soon be released and it will probably be out by September 2021. So many persons have started making orders of the soon-to-be-released phone. People are eager to receive this phone, the phone is up for pre-orders, and you can make your order now.

When pixel 5 came out, so many people started placing orders before the final release of the phone. The phone was shipped out to US customers the same month it was released; this might be the case this year.

Google Pixel 6 Features

Most pixel phones have nice features which might interest you to know. Based on the screenshots we’ve seen, we can list some of the features that’ll be in the soon-to-be-released phone.

  • Nearby Share.
  • Chromebook Linking.
  • Two SIM card slots.

We have noticed that the US patent D903, 618 has suggested a striking change to the pixel’s design. Which is an under display selfie camera, figure 2 in the document shows the review with the camera. The camera is at the left like it’s in other pixels. Figure 8 doesn’t show a lens of any type. It has suggested it’s beneath display.

We’ll get further detail from google on more things you’ll need to know about it.


We believe that this will allow for a different kind of camera hardware.  Probably it’s a position change to show that it’s different from other pixel, well it’s too early to deduce anything.

Based on tecRader report, the ‘udfps’ stands for an under display fingerprint scanner. Have it in mind that the pixel fast in browsing, you can use it to do any form of thing in the internet. For student who is run an online lecture, this is the best phone to use and other online activity you want to perform with it.

About Google and Pixel

A few years back, Google made an announcement feature. The features of an android policy where the feature would be rolling out from. Pixel measures and rates you’re heart once you place your fingertip over the rear camera. While analyzing, color changes in the part you use in place on the phone. This is because it wants to get a reading of what is happening in your body.

Google is the owner of all pixel phones. Google has continually been developing new devices that can be useful to their customers. Pixel phones are one of their biggest achievements, if you’re using this phone, you’ll understand more about a pixel. Pixel phones have a high-quality camera and they’re portable.

It has beautiful features that some other android phone doesn’t have. Google pixel 3 is another good pixel phone, when it came out newly, it became the trending phone. After an undefined period of exclusivity, these features will be available in other phones. After the trending of pixel 3, google now introduced pixel 5 and it became the trending phone, which it’s still trending for now.

When Google announced this pixel 5 it became the most exciting period for people who loves pixel phones. The google pixel range has acquired some good amazing skills. According to the report, many people have said they can’t use any other phone that’s not pixel. This is the reason why people are so excited about the yet-to-be-released pixel.

The excitement in people’s face made us bring the news of pixel 6 to you; so many persons can’t wait for it to come out. We are expecting that Google will announce the yet-to-be-released phone by September. People have started taking orders, in case you want the phone, you can place your order now.