Google Product and services | A Brief History of Google

Google Product and services | A Brief History of Google

 The Google Product and services –Google is probably the biggest name in the tech industry. You’ve probably heard of the phrase before, and you’ve probably used the Google app or one of its services or products.

Google product and services

But the big question is: do you even know what it is? If you have any idea what Google is?

Google Product and services

One such site is Google, which is used by a significant majority of the world’s population for internet connectivity.

Personally, I assume that anyone with internet access has used Google. This is a truth that we must all accept. This article is for you if you are unfamiliar with the Google website. It teaches you everything you need to know about Google.

A Brief History of Google

Google is based in America and is a multinational technology company. Google mostly specializes in internet-related products and services.

Some of their major forms of business include online advertising, cloud computing, software, hardware, and online advertising technologies. It is said to be one of the big four companies in the world including Amazon, Facebook, and Apple.

The platform was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the year 1998. Both being Ph.D. students at Stanford University California at that time.

By August 19, 2004, an initial public offering took place. This led to the movement of Google to its headquarters in Mountain View California.

It was then nicknamed the Googleplex. Over the years, in August 2005 something interesting happened to Google. A rebranding took place and Google was seen as part of a conglomerate called Alphabet Inc. As expected, Google became its leading subsidiary.

Larry Page was made the CEO of ‘alphabet’, while Sundar Pichai then replaced Larry Page as the CEO of Google. After the company was incorporated the company has developed and grown tremendously.

This has led to the acquisition of products and partnerships. It’s these products and acquisitions that we’ll talk about over the course of this article.

Google Services

The products and services it offers have brought about the development and growth of the Google Company and platform. For better understanding, we’ll be writing on some of the services and products of the Google platform.

Google Search                               

This is simply known as google web search or simply Google. This Google service is a web search engine that is developed by Google. It is the most widely used web search engine across all internet platforms.

This platform handles more than 3.5 billion searches per day. Search results found on the platform are based on a priority rank system called PageRank. Of course, there is competition.

The closest competitors are yahoo, Baidu,,,, Yandex,, Bing, and duckduckgo.

Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets

These are services offered by Google that are designed for work and creativity. “Google docs” is an amazing word processor platform. Google is a  free web-based software brought about by Google.

It is also available as a mobile application as well as a web app. It lets users create and edit files online at the same time collaborating with other users.

“Google Sheets” is in the same with Google docs. In the sense that they’re both used for editing. This is used for creating and editing spreadsheets.

The Google spreadsheets provide similar services like the Google docs and also the Google slides platforms. They are all part of the Google Drive feature.

Google Email

This is an email service that is provided by Google. It was first released in April 2004. It ended its testing phase in July 2009. In the early days of its launch, it had an internal memory of 1 gigabyte.

Amazingly, today it now has 15-gigabyte storage. A user can send files of up to 25 megabytes in size including attachments. In the same vein, a user can also receive emails up to 50 megabytes in size.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is used for scheduling and time management. Its features have always been helpful to users over the years since it came on board.

The  Google Calendar lets users create and edit events. One can also set up reminders for these events so as not to miss out on important events. This service can be customized by users to suit them in ways they want.

Google Drive

This is a file storage and synchronization feature developed by Google of course. It allows users to store files on its platform. Additionally, it lets users share files across platforms and devices.

Google Drive gives a whopping 15 gigabytes of free storage via Google one. Going forward, it also offers 100, 200 gigabytes, 2, 10, 20, and 30 terabytes of storage through optional paid plans. The platform can also be customized by users to fit their preferences.

Google Halo, Duo, and Hangouts

This is the instant messaging and video chat platform provided by Google. It also works in a similar fashion as most messaging and video platforms you know. Although, it is one of the best out there.

Google Translate

This is a multi-language translation service developed by Google. It helps translate texts from one language to another. Google translate can be accessed via the web interface and via mobile apps.

It was launched sometime in April 2006. The feature does not translate languages directly. Instead, it first translates texts to English then afterward to the preferred and targeted language.

Google Maps, Waze, Google Earth, Street View

These are the mapping and navigation tools developed by Google. It renders a clear 3D representation of earth-based solely and primarily on satellite imagery.

These are just some of the many services and products of Google. Other of their services include YouTube, Google keeps, Google photos, Google Chrome, and Chrome OS. The hardware products of Google are also amazing.

Some hardware produced by Google include the Google Pixel smartphone, Google Home smart speaker, Google Wi-Fi mesh wireless router. As well as Google daydream virtual reality headset, Google fi, Google station, and Google fiber.

Google is indeed a Tech Giant!