Google Rechaptcha | Get Captcha APP FOR SECURITY on your sites

Google Recaptcha | Get Captcha APP FOR SECURITY on your sites

Google reCAPTCHA is a security app created and founded by Google to help protect your website from fraud and other abusive thing.

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This app has been in existence for a long time, it was created in the year 2007 and since then, this app has been very effective.

This app helps you to have free access to login and make purchases, view pages or create an account.

Also, it stops fake users from having access to the website by blocking them.

Before now so many websites have been suffering from online fraud and abuses, this is the reason google came up with this idea.

The idea of reCAPTCHA creation is for the safety of your website.

reCAPTCHA has over the decade been very active and protects the data of most networks of about four million sites.

It allows you to verify if an interaction is real without any user interaction.


Google reCAPTCHA is a popular service providing good security to protect your site.

For instance, A2 Optimized for WordPress utilizes the reCAPTCHA feature as an additional layer of security for your site.

To integrate Google reCAPTCHA in an application, the app is registered with Google’s reCAPTCHA service.

After it’s registered, Google provides reCAPTCHA keys.

The keys are:
  1. The site key
  2. The secret key

The site key: This key is mostly used as a reminder key. It can also be known as a public and private key.

The secret key: This key is used to performing server-side validation. It’s always unique to the domain.

You can get these keys by registering your site with the google CAPTCHA service.

How to get Google reCAPTCHA keys

  1. Go to Google’s reCAPTCHA site.

2.When you’re done opening Google’s reCAPTCHA site, click on Admin Console, the blue button on the upper right-hand side.

Sign in to your Google account and proceed next into the reCAPTCHA dashboard.

However, after signing in, the Google reCAPTCHA dashboard will appear.When you’re done generated reCAPTCHA keys the dashboard shows stats on your previously created keys.

When your signing in is completed, the Google reCAPTCHA dashboard appears.

After you’ve already generated reCAPTCHA keys the dashboard shows stats about your previously created keys.

Once you’ve “Registered a new site” the form will open. And you’ll need to plug in information about your site in order to obtain the Site Key and Secret Key.

reCAPTCHA Types:

We’ve four different types of Google reCAPTCHA available for use on your site.

  1. Label: produce a label for the site’s keys
  2. Domain: Create the website URL where you’ll use these keys, e.g.
  3. Owners: Don’t change this, it’s set by default according to the Google account you logged in to.

To register multiple owners, enter the relevant email accounts in the “Enter email addresses” field.

  1. Terms of Service – In other to utilize reCAPTCHA for your site, you’ll accept the app terms of service.

When you’re done submitting the form to the newly generated site. Site Key and Secret Key will appear:

Does reCAPTCHA use cookies?

reCAPTCHA sets a necessary cookie when executing for the purpose of providing its risk analysis. Can I customize the reCAPTCHA widget or badge? Yes, the app mostly offers two themes, which are light and dark.

To choose the theme, set the data-theme qualities in the Recaptcha. render parameter. Your computer or network may be sending automated questions?

If you were linked to this page from the reCAPTCHA widget, you’ll see a message that said “We’re sorry, but your system or network may be sending automated questions.

To protect the users, the app can’t process your request.This can unlikely happen to good users for a few reasons:

.To be shared with a network that is been used abusively.

.Your internet service provider may have assigned you a suspicious IP address.

.The site you’re trying to access may be under heavy attack

.To provide a solution to these issues, please look at the unusual traffic help page, or try again later.

How to solve problems with Google reCaptcha?

Problems with captcha occur when you are in a network where you share the settings of an internet operator, between several devices or people.

However one of them sends automated traffic (bots), then you can see the message dictating unusual traffic coming from your device network.

It doesn’t mean that one of the people is doing it on purpose – the device can be infected.

Simple task google requires you to do

  1. Click on images with a specific element
  2. Rewrite given word
  3. Listen to the lector and write what he said
Ways to help you log in

Open incognito mode (at chrome CTRL + SHIFT + N)

Click to sign in to the browser, using your google account.

Lockout is getting smaller because Google knows you’re not a bot because you use their account.

However, the Gmail account is one of the safest and you can create a 2-step login using SMS or Google Authenticator.

You’re advised not to use other accounts than those on Gmail. Contact the network controller and tell them about your trouble.

They should handle the person who is generating the problem and they’ll give you new network settings.

If the problem returns, we recommend you using a VPN, it’s a virtual private network that helps you get a secure connection.

It’s a paid solution, but the most effective one. If you use this method and you’re still having a problem – try to restart it and refresh its settings.