Grubhub | Online Food Delivery with Restaurant Takeout Shopping

Grubhub | Online Food Delivery with Restaurant Takeout Shopping

 The Grubhub is an American online and mobile prepared food ordering and delivery marketplace that connects diners with local takeout restaurants. Grubhub is an online food delivery service.  Do you need a good delivery service? You should definitely try using Grubhub. They are a leading online and mobile food ordering and delivering marketplace.


They are arguably the largest and most expensive network of restaurant partners. It connects over 300, 000 restaurants and is proud to partner with more than 200,000 of these restaurants in more than 4,000 cities in the US. The company portfolio brands include Grubhub, Seamless, Level Up, AllMeenus, and Menu Pages.

On Grubhub, you can find food and have it delivered from your favorite restaurants. In addition, you can get restaurant deals and discounts. This includes free delivery on your first order of $15 or more with a promo code. Continue on this article to learn more about Grubhub.

Grubhub is based in Chicago and was founded in the year 2004. According to statistics, Grubhub had more than 19million active users as of 2016. On June 9, 2020, Just Eat Takeaway, a European food delivery service announced an agreement to buy Grubhub units company’s stock.

Grubhub Delivery

In June of 2014, Grubhub began offering delivery for restaurants that don’t operate their delivery service. It is delivering in more than 50 markets across the US. Going on, they announced that they will expand their delivery capabilities to 28 new cities in the US come July 2018.

A program was announced in February, which offers free, unlimited food delivery from partner Restaurants for a monthly fee. They also have a mobile app that makes delivery more easily and better. Let’s talk about this app.

The  App

Grubhub app makes it easier to order all your local favorites. It helps you to stay up to date, save your order history and plan with a preorder.  You can also pay using any payment method you want.

On the app, you can find local deals and restaurant specials. Perks, Grubhub’s newest feature helps you find all the delivery deals and exclusive rewards that you can get. Still, on the app, you get to order food and earn new rewards, offers, and more that you won’t see anywhere else.

Thus, to have a better user experience with Grubhub, you need to download the app. Luckily, Grubhub is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices.

Offers  Available from this food delivery app

It is almost impossible not to use Grubhub considering all the awesome things you can get with it. In simple terms, you get to find your favorite local restaurants and order whatever you want and have them delivered to you. Isn’t that wonderful? You get to stay at home or your work and have the food delivered to you. I’m sure you’re wondering what Grubhub offers. Below is a list of the things that are offered by Grubhub;

  • Restaurant Delivery
  • Grubhub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation.
  • Whatever food you want, you get, whether Chinese, Greek, Italian, or any type of food you’re carving.
  • Get the food you want to be delivered to you.
  • Food Delivery Made Easy
  • Order food using the Grubhub app and avoid the hassle of making over the phone mistakes.
  • Grubhub 24/7 customer support is always there for your orders.
  • Pay using a variety of options.
Food Ordering Options

The app provides lots of great features. This includes options for food ordering.

Use this app  to order food now or preorder your next meal to enjoy;

  1. Delivery or takeout.
  2. Local Deals and Specials
  3. Order food with exclusive deals only available on Grubhub. New perks help you to find deals and specials.
  4. There are no hidden fees, whatever you see, is exactly what you get.
  5. It has the most restaurant ratings and reviews.

These are the offers that Grubhub renders and many more.

Selection of Restaurant

You get to order food from the largest selection of restaurants near you. The list runs into hundreds and more. Some of the restaurants include;

  • Applebee’s.
  • Auntie Anne’s.
  • BJ’s Restaurants.
  • Burger King.
  • Del Taco.
  • Denny’s.
  • Five Guys.
  • Jack in the Box.
  • McDonald’s.
  • Panda Express.
  • Red Robin.
  • Shake Shack.
  • Taco Bell.
  • White Castle.
  • Yard House.

These are just a few of the restaurant selections that you can order from using this app.

How to Download the app

This is very easy to do. To download and install the app, follow the steps below;

  1. Go to the App Store on your device, and enter Grubhub.
  2. From the result, tap on the first food delivery app,  to load its information page.
  3. Then tap on “Install”. It’ll be installed on your device immediately.
  4. You start using your app immediately.

You can now order any food you want from anywhere you are using it. All you have to do is to provide a street address or zip code and start making your orders. Enjoy your app and amazing meals.