Hoop Dating App | How to use Hoop app on Snapchat

Hoop Dating App | How to use Hoop app on Snapchat

The hoop dating app is a free social networking platform. With this software, you can enhance your Snapchat community. Find true love and friendship, research about other cultures, and lots more. We live in an era where you can make true friendships online.

hoop dating app

the hoop platform is the perfect social network for making new and true friends online. You can also widen your knowledge by learning more about culture

Hoop Dating app

The hoop dating app is another social platform that is built on Snapchat snap skit API. It’s a platform for socializing and it is often referred to as Tinder for teen and Snapchat, etc.

There have been questions on whether the hoop app is a dating platform. Well, know that if you can make new friends on this platform you can as well find a date, a lover or you can find new friends to hook up with.

Before we go into the download process of this software from the App Store, I’ll be educating you on the features of the hoop app.

Hoop dating  app features

The hoop app comes with unique features but not features similar to other dating apps. Here are some features below;

  • It keeps your username private
  • It helps you discover new friends using locations and profiles
  • Send a friend request to profiles you like on this platform
  • Users can decline or accept a friend request, with this you get to determine who becomes your friend and who doesn’t
  • It offers diamonds. Users can earn an in-app currency.

To earn this currency, you have to share your profile, open the Hoop app daily, add up to 20 Snapchat users, and watch videos.

When you earn the diamond, you can ask for a user’s Snapchat username. These are key features about the app, after downloading you can explore the software to discover more.

Hoop download

If you find this software impressive, go ahead and download it on your platform.  Below are procedures on how to download and install the hoop app on your IOS or Android device;

  • Go to your Android/IOS device home menu
  • Click on the play/app store
  • Input the name of the app in the search bar and then search.
  • Right on the result screen, look for the application and click on it.
  • At the top of the new page, you will see the “Get” or “install” button, click on it.
  • You have to wait for it to download

Once it’s successful, you will see the “Open” tab. To launch it, tap the “Open” widget. With this procedure, you can now download and install the application on your device.

Hoop App Login

To log into Hoop, you have to provide your Snapchat account details.

  • Launch the app
  • Scroll to the login button and tap on it
  • Enter your username or email
  • Type in your account password
  • Scroll to the login tab and tap on it.

The steps above are steps to log in to the Hoop app.

Hoop- New Friends on Snapchat

With hoop, connect with new friends on Snapchat. In Hoop Snapchat profiles of other users are displayed. Then you get an avenue to connect with them. Every conversation is made within Snapchat.

The platform is not complex to use. If you’re looking for friend. here are what to do; request for the username of the profile (s) you like, if they accept your request, proceed to add them on Snapchat.