How do I access my Google Photos: How you can Back up Photos

How do I access my Google Photos: How you can Back up Photos

How do I access my google photos? If this is your question then you should read through to discover your answer. Do you know you can back up your photos on Google and also access them when you desire?


However, the steps in doing these are so simple and you’ll discover all of it without stress.

How do I access my Google Photos?

Google is a big company and it has many online platforms and these different online platforms have different purposes. Meanwhile, this article is based on the feature and app Google photos. Also, all these features can also be used on the web.

You can easily access your photos backed up from another device on the web or even on a new device using the same Google account.

And this is to say that with one Google account, you can back up a photo and have access to it on as many devices as you want.

So, do you want to save your photos to the cloud and have access to it? If yes, then the Google photos app is all you need. Meanwhile, with this app, you can view your photos offline and also back them up in the cloud.

With this, when you lose your device, you can always get them back. So, the Google photos application works with a Google account and it’s free to use. If you don’t have a Google account you can start thinking of how you can go about it.

The Google Photos App

Note that this app is free to download. However, you might have issues downloading it from time to time so I have decided to come up with some steps to help you download the Photos app. So, below are the steps to help you download the app.

  • First, you should get the device you want to download and install the Photos app to and on it. After that, make sure it has an active internet connection. So, if it has, then you’re good to go.
  • Then with your device, you might want to install the photos app on and locate and launch any app store.
  • Using your search bar of the app store which you’re to locate at the top of the screen, search for Google photos.
  • After that, click on the Google photos app and then on the download button. Note; for some devices, you’re going to find an install button instead of a download button. Simply click on it, it does not matter.

Furthermore, after a few minutes, the Google photos app should be downloaded on your device. And if it’s not automatically installed, you should get a notification asking you whether or not you want to install the app.

You can reply by simply install the app and that is all you need to do.

Some steps you can use to Back up Photos with Google Photos

Well, backing up photos on the app can sometimes be confusing as simple as it is. So because of this, I’ve decided to show you the simple steps you can use to back up your photos with google.

  • Open the Photos app when your device is connected to the internet.
  • Then if your Google account is not yet signed in, you can simply sign it in.
  • Meanwhile, on the home of the Photos app, you’ll see a cloud icon. Simply click on that could icon and all the photos on your device will start backing up.

This is all you need to do to start backing up your photos to the cloud using google photos.