How do I allow access to settings: Getting to Your Smartphone Settings

How do I allow access to settings: Getting to Your Smartphone Settings

Having access to your device setting is really a thing of joy to do. And this is because it’ll give you the opportunity to design and set anything of your choice with your device. There are different ways you can allow access to settings. And all of these and more are what you’ll discover here. Free access to your device settings would make you remove or put in what you want on your device.

how do I all access to settings

However, it’s very important that all device users get to understand how to freely use their device settings well. Are you interested in learning more? Then you should look into this article for more information. Meanwhile, let’s proceed.

How do I allow access to settings?

This is the question most people ask, majorly those who recently received a new device.

It’s always challenging when you newly get a device to access your setting. Well, you don’t need to be scared anymore, we’re here to help you with that.

Accessing your setting could be done in your smartphone setting, device setting, fridge settings, and home automation. Also, you can access appliance settings, car settings, computer settings, and more.

Furthermore, device settings are part of daily life. That’s to say, you can do without it, mainly if you have a device.

Meanwhile, with settings, you can reduce brightness on your screen, you can turn some app on or off, and many more. All of these are what settings help you do.

Getting to Your Smartphone Settings- How do I allow access to settings?

Note that there are two ways to get to your phone’s settings right. Meanwhile, you can swipe down on the notification bar at the top of your phone display.

Furthermore, tap on the top-right account icon, and tap on Settings. You can also click on the “all apps” app tray icon located at the bottom middle of your home screen.

However, this will show you the list of apps, and with that, you can swipe through to find and tap on Settings. Now let’s look at the first element of phone settings.

Security Settings- How do I allow access to settings?

This is the first element of phone settings that we’re going to discuss in this article. This is simply the phone security settings, and this is the first paramount thing to do when you get your new Android, iPhone, iPad, or other device.

Meanwhile, because of this, we’ll show you how to generally add a security lock and password to protect your phone. However, with your device security, you can access elements like the following;

  • The Google Play Protect.
  • The on-Device Encryption.
  • Also setting Your Password.
  • The Two-Step Verification.
  • To find My Device.
  • The Fingerprint Unlock.
  • The On-Body Detection.
  • Also the trusted Places.
  • The fingerprint Unlock
  • On-Body Detection element
  • The trusted Face Recognition
  • And the protection from Unknown Sources and a lot more.

Mobile Security – How do I allow access to settings-How to set Password

Well, to set up a device password and automatic screen lock simply follow the instructions below;

Go under Settings>Security, you’ll then see the “screen lock” and “automatically lock” options. Quickly set up a PIN or password to unlock your phone or device.

Furthermore, ensure your screen automatically locks after a period of idle time, like 30 seconds or one minute. Note that Google Play Protection is effective in its vetting of apps. However, it can’t help you if you download an app that isn’t in the Play Store.

But the Android operating system will provide a solution for helping avoid unknown downloads. Note that this tool, Unknown Sources or Unknown Apps, will block the installation of apps that aren’t from the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, if you find an app that hasn’t been vetted by Google Play Protect that you just can’t do without, you can turn off this protection. Also, ensure to switch back the setting when you’re done.

How you can Block Unwanted App Downloads with the Unknown Sources setting

The below steps are how to turn Unknown Sources on and off:

First go to settings, then security, and then unknown sources or Unknown apps. After that move to toggle on or off the installation of apps from a non-Play Store source.

Now let’s look at another security setting and app called VPN.

How you can use VPN on your device

It has been observed that when you’re out, you might be tempted to surf the web while using public Wi-Fi. However, it’s so easy and tempting to connect in the coffee shop or airport.

Well, if you’re only checking out a site quickly, it might be hurtful. So using the public Wi-Fi without any protection is like leaving your front door open with a big sign that tells burglars you aren’t home.

Furthermore, a preferred way to help ensure you’re protected is to use a virtual private network. This is simply known as a VPN connection.

However, it encrypts your online activities to keep you safe from eavesdroppers like the hackers at coffee shops waiting for their next online victim.

Finally, android users have two options: first, the built-in VPN on Android devices, then secondly another secure VPN app. Meanwhile, The Google Play Store offers several choices and you can choose from them.