How Do I Fix Cable TV Static?Make it work faster

How Do I Fix Cable TV Static? Make it work faster

If before today you have troubles fixing cable TV static, we’ll handle it today. Today, we have compiled all you need to know about how to fix TV Static. So, relax, read and learn.

how do I Fix cable TV static

The methods we’ll show you will help you fix TV Static by yourself without seeking any external help. You can choose from any of the three methods we listed to fix it.

With that, let’s get started:

How Do I Fix Cable TV Static

We’ll show you how to go about it in three different methods. Let’s get started.

Method 1: How To Fix Cable TV Static

  • Start by checking the power cord of the receiver. This makes confirms that the cord is secure with the wall outlet. Or alternatively on a power strip, depending on your setup.
  • If the setup box is not powering on while the TV is turned on, there is an issue. Also, if the TV won’t receive a signal and displays all the Static on the TV screen, there is an issue.
  • To rectify the issue above, check the coaxial cable. This is always plugged in at the backside of the cable box.
  • Check and confirm that the cable is well connected to the receiver’s “ANT IN” port.
  • If coaxial cables in the right port, try tightening it. However, if see that the cable is loose, then, there is a problem.
  • Now, take a silver or golden metal band. This is always at the end of the coaxial cable.
  • Turn the metal band and get it closer to the end of the cable.
  • Keep turning until the band can’t turn any further. This should solve the static problem from the display.
  • Scan your TV area for any power electronic device that might be consuming power. It is well known that devices that draw a lot of power have a way of giving off a lot of electronic interference. This electronic interference usually forms a static
  • Finally, make sure that power electronic devices are being kept away from the TV. If you can’t move the devices, then move the TV.

If you follow this method accurately, you’ll get the static fixed in no time.

Method 2: How To Fix Cable TV Static

  • First, clean the screen very well with a fabric softener. This has shown to help in reducing the build-up of TV statics.
  • Now apply a liquid fabric softener to a clean napkin and wipe the screen to reduce the static.
  • Use an air humidifier as it reduces the static in the room, thus helping the TV
  • On the other hand, you can easily rub a magnet on the screen to remove the static

This is one of the easiest methods and it works.

Method 3: How To Fix Cable TV Static

  • Move the TV away from the window where outside noises can interfere with it.
  • Remove objects that you feel can cause electronic interference. So, plug-in vacuum cleaners, electric drills, microwaves, and hair dryers into another room.
  • Make sure that your antenna is well attached to the TV.
  • Make sure that video components like DVD, VCR players are well connected.
  • Confirm that the cable cord is properly connected.
  • Finally, adjust the sharpness of your TV from the Menu.

If you follow all the steps accurately, you will be able to fix any TV static. You will even do it in a good timeframe.