How do I set up a CorrLinks account:  Communicate With Your Loved Ones in Prison

How do I set up a CorrLinks account:  Communicate With Your Loved Ones in Prison

How do I set up a Corrlinks account? If this is your question, then you’ve nothing to worry about. But before we answer that question, let look at what this is about. This is simply an online internet webmail service used to send, receive, and relate with loved ones.

How do I set up a CorrLinks account

You can also use it to relate with friends and relations who are jailed or in prison. Meanwhile, this service works the same way other webmail services work.

The server is more secured, because of the way it is been used. It’s actually one major fast means you can get in touch with people who are in jail. It’s also very cheap and it renders a fast service to all their users, unlike telephones. Meanwhile, there is a little amount of fee that will be charged to the user.

Corrlinks can also be used through a mobile device. And this simply means that users can operate on this online internet service using their mobile supported devices.

This app also makes things easier for mobile users, by introducing a mobile App. So you can easily communicate with your loved one with this device.

However, with the help of this mobile app, all users can always have access to their loved ones and families. They can also relate with their friends without using any web browser to access or register an account.

Meanwhile, mobile users can always download the app from the app store or through the Google play store for free with no fee.

How do I set up a CorrLinks Account?

This is very easy to do; you can easily do this with your internet-connected device. Now let’s proceed, simply go to the homepage of this server, which is or

Furthermore, with the URL of this online internet webmail service, you can be able to sign up and log in for free. You can go to the homepage of this service by using the URL and create an account on these cufflinks.

This will help those who are jailed also have the privilege to send messages from prison or jail. Their loved ones out there around the globe can be communicated through Corrlinks.

However, this email service is used by the Federal Bureau of Prison; it allows the Prisoners to communicate with those outside the prison walls.

Most times, it takes some time for the messages you send to get to the prisoner you send it to. Meanwhile, pictures and some other materials are not permitted to be sent, so it is actually a secure service.

All this protocol is to avoid unwanted materials and get to the prisoner’s hands through the messages sent.

How to Sign Up to Corrlinks

Sign up on this platform will always give you free access to always log in to this Inmate email. Meanwhile, before you can be able to create an account on this service successfully, you need an invitation code.

With this invitation code, you can be able to create an account on this service. All you need to do is to follow the step below to sign up for an account on Corrlinks Inmate Email.

  • Simply use the URL to access the homepage.
  • Then click on the register icon, it can be found below the new user section to proceed further.
  • Type in the necessary information required from you on the places specified.
  • Also, fill in the code (that’s the invitation code) that you received on its field and click on “next”.
  • With these steps, your account will be approved and created successfully within the space of 30-60 mins.

Simple Corrlinks Inmate Email Login Steps

To login into this service is very easy. Mainly once you have created your account using the invitation code. These guides below will guide you on how to log in to your account successfully.

  • Go to any browser on your device and open it.
  • Type in the URL on the search bar of the browser you launch and make your search.
  • The page that’ll open will bring to you the form page. Fill in the email and password on the required boxes.
  • Finally, Click on “log in” once you are done. When you’ve done that, you’ll be signed in to your account without any stress.