How do I use Samsung tap and pay: How to Set up Samsung Pay

How do I use Samsung tap and pay: How to Set up Samsung Pay

 Wow ! How do I use Samsung tap and pay: well this won’t be difficult for you to do? With us here with you, you’ll easily do that on your own. Well, If you don’t know how to use it, that’s not a problem at all.
Now let me ask you first, do you want to know how to use Samsung tap and Pay on your Samsung device? If yes, then you’re in luck. Simply follow this article to get a low down on all things, how to use Samsung pay.

how do i use samsung tap and pay

Meanwhile, in order to use Samsung Pay, you’ll need a Samsung device.

Well, you can also use this payment system in a non-Samsung device running Android 6.0 or higher. How do I use Samsung tap and pay?
To make use of Samsung pay is easy and it’s straightforward. Well, for that to be easier for you you’ll have to know how to use it. However, Samsung pay as you may have known by now is a payment system that is accessible by mobile and wearable devices.
Samsung pay allows you to make payments with your debit and credit cards stored on your smartphone.
Well, do you know what the latter means? It simply means that with it, you don’t have to carry your debit and credit card around you anymore. All you need to do is to make payments in person, online, and in-app with your smartphone.

How you can add a Payment Card to Samsung Pay, to add do this, simply follow the steps below;

• First open the Samsung pay app on your device.
• Then click on the menu in the top left corner of the app page.
• Select cards and click on add card icon and then click on add credit or debit card.
• Then follow the prompt from there and forward to successfully register your card. Also note that you can add up to 10 cards to your account including credit, debit, and gift cards. Note that, you can also add a payment card to your wristwatch.
Furthermore, you’ll need to connect the watch to your phone and add a pin. To do this, you can import the cards if you have used Samsung pay before. However, if it’s your first time using it on your device you’ll need to add it yourself. For you to do this, look at the steps below;
• Go to the Samsung wearable app on your device and open it.
• Click on Samsung pay.
• Then click on the + icon at the top right corner of the app page.
• Also click on add debit or credit card.
• Note that you can either take a photo of the card or enter the card details manually.
• Fill in the required information and tap on next.
• Accept and agree to terms and click on submit.
• And finally, you click on done, to complete the process.

How you can Set Up Samsung Pay on Your Phone

Samsung pay comes preinstalled on most devices, but if it’s not the case with your device, you can download it from the Google play store. When it’s installed on your device you can follow the steps below;
• Go to the app and open it.
• Click on get started.
• Fill in the new PIN. Then Reenter the PIN for confirmation.
• Then if it’s your first time using the service you’ll have to add cards. You can also skip this step by clicking on Samsung pay home.

Wow, congratulations!

You’ve just set up Samsung Pay on your mobile device.
How you can Make a Payment Using the Samsung Pay App
To achieve this, simply look and follow the steps below;
• Simply, click and open the app on your phone.
• Then click on pay.
• choose your preferred card.
• Then click on PIN or IRIS and enter your required security information. Also, you can use the fingerprint scanner if you have the fingerprint security set up.
• Finally, hold back the phone close to the contactless reader to process your payment immediately.