How many times can you take LSAT: Law School Admission Test

How many times can you take LSAT: Law School Admission Test

In this article, we’ll be discussing the 2021 LSAT. But before that let’s look at what LSAT is. Now, what is LSAT? This is simply the short description for Law School Admission Test.

how many times can you take the LSAT

This simply means, when you hear law school admission test, note its LSAT. I believe with this explanation, you already what LSAT is. So now let’s proceed.

LSAT examination is required for most law schools. However, this test is a multiple-choice paper and pencil test. It’s however administered by the law school admission council (LSAC).

Furthermore, note that law school considers your LSAT score followed by other components of your law school application.  Meanwhile, some of these other components include your GPA, and letters of recommendation so on.

About the 2021 Law School Admission Test

Here we go; this LSAT is always taken seven times every year. Well, you need to try and schedule your Law School Admission Tests as soon as possible.

The earlier you do this, the earlier your scores will be available before your first school application deadline. However, you’ve to keep in mind that many law schools accept students on a rolling basis.

Meanwhile, the earlier you can submit your application, the better it is for you. And this is because you’ll stand a chance to be admitted. You’ve to do this before the deadline date of every session of the test.

What is on the LSAT?

Well, on the Law school admission test, there are four main sections. And they are;

  • The analytical reasoning which is also called the Logic Games
  • The logical reasoning, this is also known as the Arguments
  • Also Unscored writing sample, this is also known as an Essay
  • Then finally, reading comprehension.

However, note that these tests also include an unscored experimental section. And this will help you get prepared for taking your first LSAT.

 How is LSAT Scored? And how long is it

Coming to how long it is, the Law School Admission Test is scheduled to last for three hours and thirty minutes. Meanwhile, this test involves ninety-nine to a hundred and two multiple-choice questions.

Also, it’s designed so that the average test taker will not be able to comfortably complete all the questions with the given amount of time.

Now, how is it scored? LSAT is scored on a scale of a hundred and twenty to a hundred and eighty (120-180). Meanwhile, you should prepare very well as possible so that you’ll only take the test once.

How you can Register for the Law School Admission Test

However, you can freely and easily register for an LSAT at the provided official URL  Please note that this test’s registration deadline is mostly one month after the test date.

Finally, just as we mentioned earlier, this test is offered seven times every year. In case you miss any session of the law school admission test, you can wait for the next session to write it.