How to Apply for Germany Student Visa – Application to Study in Germany

Do you wish to Study in Germany? You can learn how to apply for Germany Student Visa in this article. In the time past, I remember feeling very excited and also the very nervous same time. And this happened when I was preparing to travel to another country for my studies. This is because I was given a Visa to study out. This was basically a mixed feeling though. And I believe many of you can agree to this.

How to Apply for Germany Student Visa

Feeling nervous and exciting is the feeling most people get when applying for a Visa. It’s always devastating when you apply for a visa and it’s declined. Most people find this act so discouraging and this is why most people feel nervous when they want to apply for a visa, mainly when they seriously need it. However, we’re here to help you apply for a visa that will be accepted. We’ll show you some necessary things you’ll have to take note of before applying for a visa.

All you should know about Applying for Germany Student Visa

Do you know that with a student visa an international student can remain in Germany for 3 months? Yes, you can stay in Germany and enjoy your stay in the country with your student visa. Meanwhile, you’ll certainly have to, within that period, you can apply for a residence permit to study.

However, you can get a maximum of two years renewable permit on your visa. It can be extended if your study requires that. Let’s look at some simple steps you can use to apply for a visa.

How to Apply for Germany Student Visa

Applying for this student visa is very straightforward. Anytime you wish to apply, you can easily contact an embassy. For you to apply for a German student visa, the first step you should note is to contact the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

You simply do this online or by going to the physical location of the Embassy/consulate. Also, you can locate the addresses of the German diplomatic missions on the website of the Federal Foreign Office at

 What Type of Germany Student Visa do you Need?

It’s also important you note some types of student visas and the one you’ll go for. You can see some types of this student visa below and you can easily choose from it.

Schengen Visa: this is one of the visa types you’ll need to apply for. Schengen visa is for students who want to travel for their study for up to 3 months. It mostly takes up to 25 days for your German student visa application to be start. Most times the processing time varies depending on the country and the German embassy you’ll apply with.

German National Visa: this visa application is for students who want to travel for studies that’ll last more than 3 months; you’ll need a German National Visa. Please note that when you arrive in Germany with a German national visa, you’ll have to extend or prolong your stay by getting a German residence permit visa for your studies. However, you can get this by contacting the Foreigner’s Office.


Some of these listed documents are what you’ll need when applying for this visa. See them below.

  • A proof of your valid private or public health insurance.
  • Provide a certificate of enrolment from your institution.
  • Proof of your finances.
  • Your Valid passport.
  • Your Current visa, that’s if you’ve one.
  • Provide your certificate of health which will clarify your fitness
  • Present your tenancy agreement if the need be.
  • A letter of your commitment and evidence of your parent’s income records and financial assets might be needed.
  • You’ll need a letter of commitment by a German resident “Verpflichtungserklärung”. This letter will be taken at the alien’s registration office, by the German resident who is going to cover your funds during your studies.
  • Present your Scholarship awarding certificate if required. It’ll have to show the number of costs it covers.
  • Also, present your bank guarantee issued to you by a recognized German bank. Some of the examples of recognized banks are; Deutsche bank, Commerzbank, Kfw bankgruppe, Dz bank.
Financial Implication of Student Visa Application

Germany’s policy requires that before any student can begin their studies, they will have to prove that they have money. This money is majorly for their academics sponsorship so that the student will not be stranded in their country.

However, the way to show this is to block 10,236 Euros for one year. When applying for a Germany Student Visa, you will be asked to provide a document called a “Finanizierungsnachweis”, or you can prove your financial resources.

Meanwhile, the number of visa applications that were rejected by German missions in 2019 is put about 268.856. Also in 2018 an alarming amount of 241.796 was also rejected. However, to improve your chances of getting your student visa you’ll have to use a blocked account as proof of financial resources.