How to Close Wink Profile | Permanently Delete Wink Account

How to Close Wink Profile | Permanently Delete Wink Account

How to Close Wink Profile is what we are going to learn in this article. Take advantage of the steps here on how to close your Wink profile if you have been finding it difficult to get rid of your Wink dating site account.

How to Close Wink Profile

This is applicable mainly to members that are demanding to deactivate their account in the website.

Various Wink members don’t know that they can delete their Wink profile without stress due to a lack of information on how to do so. Therefore, if you are so tired of using a Wink account, this is a very comprehensive guide on how to close your Wink profile forever. The fact you need to know is that you cannot suspend a Wink account but only get it deleted completely and permanently. By doing so, all your history will vanish.

Meanwhile, an active paid account must be unsubscribed before deletion takes place. Having said that, you have to know how to unsubscribe Wink account before you delete your Wink account. Do you know the reason for this?

Okay if you don’t, let me update you. When a Wink account is deleted without cancellation of the subscription, you will still be automatically deducted monthly or as you activated the subscription plan on and on. Most importantly, there are necessary materials to provide before deleting a Wink account.

How to delete Wink profile-Major steps

I’m sure you wish to know all the demands from a user that intends to have a Wink account deleted. Since you included hesitation, we will show you the details below so that you can get them ready before proceeding with the account deactivation.

  1. First, before you close the Wink profile, you must remember the email address you used for the account registration. Therefore make sure that the email address is still accessible so that you can receive information from there.
  2. Secondly, the Wink account details which you are intending to delete must still be intact. You will open the account first so that the addressed account will be deleted.
  3. Thirdly and finally, a smartphone that can surf email address must be available and you must still know how to login the email address so that you can compose this account deletion just as instructed by the website.

Delete Wink Profile Review

This action is mostly executed by Wink members that have found their love or want to do some social media cleansing. Before we acquire this skill on how to close the Wink profile, make sure you cancel your Wink subscription according to these steps shown below:

  1. Put your data connection or connect to an active WiFi.
  2. Quickly open your web browser to log onto
  3. Select “Manage Subscriptions”.
  4. Choose to cancel your subscription by hitting on the “Cancel subscription” link.
  5. Your subscription will be canceled immediately.

Also, this action is reversible. You can resubscribe the Wink account after canceling the subscription. On the other hand, when it comes to Wink account deactivation, it is irreversible.

How to Close Wink Profile | Delete without Login

You can get rid of your account because of the reason best known to you by following the laid-out measures below. These steps were practiced by our old members and you will still use same method to close Wink profile permanently. In addition, the email address pertained to Wink dating site will be needed here so that we can execute this action smoothly.

  1. Open the email address registered to the Wink account.
  2. Compose a mail with the subject that you want to delete your account.
  3. Enter some basic credentials that will help them identify the account you intend to delete.
  4. After composing the mail’s body and explicitly stated the account credentials.
  5. Go to the recipient and type [email protected]
  6. Add “Delete Wink Account” on the title.
  7. Then, move down to the send icon and click to send your request.

If it must be done, follow the steps below to deactivate your account.