How to Create Free Google Website: Create a Website using Google Site

How to Create Free Google Website:  Create a Website using Google Site

Do you know that you can create a google website for free? Well, I’ll show you some tips on How to create a free Google website. Set up a basic and professional website might not be easy an easy one. I’ll be showing you some steps on how to achieve this. With some of this information, your site might be up and running within 5 minutes.

how to create free google website

However, Google site is mainly used by internet sites within an organization. It can embed the contents of Google Docs or Google sheets. Also, it’s a perfectly acceptable proposition for building up an individual portfolio, sporting team website, or a shop like a restaurant.

However, a free Google website is great for online exposure. It doesn’t have all the functions of a fully-fledged website. This free Google website is more suitable for business that does not have the budget to invest in a fully functional website.

Technology has really has changed from the way it uses to be before now customers go to the street to look for goods to buy. But all of these things have changed, with Google you can get to find any goods you want to buy. Meanwhile, this is the reason for running your ads on Google, it enables people to easily see your business on Google.

How to Create  Free Google Website

They’re few ways you can create a website for business; this will help customers to easily see your business. We’ve so many competitions all around the business world, and if you don’t have a business to run your business, it might not grow.

These days, Google has made owning a website very easy for business owners and individuals. Whether you’re new or not, your new website can be properly managed. Google has set out a new method that you can use to build your website; this is the website builder tool. With this tool, your website can grow the way you want it to.

However, this tool is free and easy, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on a web design service. Some of the steps that’ll be listed below are what will guide you on how you can create your website.

The importance of creating a website

They’re so many importance of creating a website, website creation helps you to reach a global audience, no matter where you leave or do your business. With a website, you can advertise your business, pass information through, and it’ll get to thousands of people around the world.

Google has made it must easier for you, in case you want to open a website, you can open it for free. How you’ll do that is in this article, as you read on, you’ll discover some of the steps that’ll help you create a website for free.

All business owners can advertise their business on their website or even advertise for others and get paid. You can also make money from the website you create. Oh yes, you can earn money when you own a website.

Steps to create a free website

Before you proceed with the site creation, you’ll have to open your browser and fill in When it opens, you can start your website registration.

  1. templates

When you click on this template, it guides you on how you can create your own site. It’ll bring out options like personal, work, education. You’ll be expected to choose from the options provided, whether the site you want to create is for your business, work, or education. Below is how it’ll be classified;

Personal: under personal, you’ll find

  • portfolio
  • restaurant

work: underwork you’ll find

  • event
  • team
  • help center
  • project

Education: under education, you’ll find

  • class
  • club
  • student portfolio

Choose what the site is for, from the above options provided.


This will help you design your site the way you want it to be. Website themes are up to 6, you can select from the themes the one you’ll love to use and design your website. I’ll list some of the six themes so that you can note them.

  • Simple
  • Aristotle
  • Diplomat
  • Vision
  • Level
  • And finally impression.

Most times it can be challenging working with a theme that matches your personal preferences. You can work through all of it to know the one to choose.

Create a new page

You can create a new page by using a menu and this can be inserted underneath a parent page. All the pages you’ll create will appear in the navigation, unless you choose to select it to hide. However, you can choose to position your page navigation at the top or side of your page.

Embedding content

This allows you to embed images, documents, spreadsheets, and slides into your pages. It can be hosted in your Google Drive or you can upload the content from a URL or your local machine. Images are mostly inserted from a Google search. The good thing is that Google will filter only those that are licensed for free use.

However, you can include HTML on your page or including JavaScript and CSS style sheets. This is mostly useful when you’re embedding third-party content like email content form or mailing list signup sheet.

 Company Logo

Google gives all individuals access to brand their site. When you go under the settings, you’ll see where you can configure your company logo, which will appear in the navigation bar. When you complete that, you can configure the favicon that appears in the browser.


When you’re set to publish your site, click on the publish button that is located at the upper right. Then choose a name for your website, after that, your site will now be functional.

Using your domain

When you use your domain, you’re proving to Google that you own a domain. Within the setting panel, add up 10 URLs that can be used for your Google site.

Finally, this just all you need to create your own website. No fee will be charged from you. The only thing you need is a device that’s connected to the internet