How to Delete Binance Account: When to Delete Binance Account

How to Delete Binance Account: When to Delete Binance Account

The Binance is a great and the best exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. It gives you a platform to trade with the most prominent cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. As one of the best and the most popular global cryptocurrency exchange platforms,  users can trade over 100 cryptocurrencies.

how to delete binace account

Why delete Binance account

So, are you looking for a way to delete your Binance account? Or you want to switch to another cryptocurrency exchange platform.

However, it could also be that you don’t want to use Binance to buy cryptocurrency again. Whichever way it’s, you can delete your Binance account for safety and security reasons.

Well, it’s interesting to let you know that deleting the Binance account isn’t so simple as the page is hard to find. It’ll show you only ‘’Disable’’ option and not a ‘’Delete’’ option. However,  in this article, I’ll show you how to delete Binance account permanently.

How to Delete Binance account

Now, if you want to delete your Binance account, you’ll have to follow the steps below

  1. Go to your security settings and click on the ‘’Disable Account’’.
  2. Select the ‘’Delete this account’’ option and enter your email or phone number and click on ‘’confirm to delete’’.
  3. After clicking on the ‘’Confirm to delete’’ option, your Binance account will be deleted. However, if your account doesn’t have the ‘’delete this account’’ option, it means that you still have funds or cryptocurrency  in your

So, before you decide to delete your Binance account you ensure that you have no funds or cryptocurrency in your account. This means that if your account doesn’t have less than or equal to 0.001BTC the deletion will be rejected.

How to delete Binance account through the Website

  1. Log in and click on the profile icon, but first, you have to go Binance website
  2. Visit If you’re using Binance.
  3. In another step, if you’re on Binance US. You need to go to
  4. For those in other countries, just prepare to go to the appropriate Binance domain name such as Binance. sg.
  5. Then visit the website and enter your login details.
  6. To log in to your account easily, just click on the menu icon that appears on the top navigation bar, this is followed by the ‘’login’’ option.
  7. After that, enter your login details and click on the ‘’login’’ button
  8. After logging in to your account, you have to click on the profile icon at the top navigation bar.

About Binance

Binance was founded in 2018 and it boasts impressive trading volumes today. It was founded in China by Changpeng Zhao the CEO. However, after ban by the Chinese government, it was moved to Japan. Binance is a great part of the cryptocurrency wallet’s team and a secure platform for exchange.

Though Binance is a reliable platform for exchange, you won’t get many details here on how to secure your funds.

It might cause worries. But with this app, you won’t proceed with the direct account closure. Moreover, you can delete your Binance account following the above steps. In case you want to decentralize your funds, you can as well purchase a hardware wallet along with centralized platforms such as Binance. If you choose this hardware wallet,  you don’t need to worry about desktop malware affecting your storage system.

Benefits of Binance

The Binance provides an amazing trading interface and with the fees on the market. It’s effective, swift, and prioritizes security and big earnings over all things.

The platform has multiple device support such as Android, HTML5, WebChat, and other platforms. Its speed in processing is what makes it really outstanding trading platform.