How to delete Merrill Edge Account: Cancel Merrill Edge Account

How to delete Merrill Edge Account: Cancel Merrill Edge Account

Do you wish to know how to delete the Merrill Edge account? Well, it doesn’t matter if you want to close it permanently or temporally. I’ll be guiding you on how to delete your Merrill Edge account in this article.

how to delete merrill edge account

Merrill Edge provides high-quality research and unlimited free stock and ETF trades. Also, it provides access to customer support in about 4,300 banks of America Locations. Yes, it’s good to know that all the services are for a $0 fee per trade. In addition, it offers promotion up to $600 when you invest in a new Merrill Edge self-direct account.

Reason for closing or  deleting your account

However, for any reason you wish to delete or Close your Merrill Edge account, I have the steps you have to follow: Though before I proceed further on how to close your Merrill Edge account, you must know that closing this account attracts a $49.95 Charge.

But if you move your account to Ally Invest, they’ll reimburse this ACAT fee. Another thing you must do is transferring your cash to your account and selling all your positions.

How to delete Merrill Edge Account

If you’re not using your Merrill Edge Account, it’s high time you close or delete it. How do you do that? To achieve this, follow the steps below:

  • Login to Merrill bank’s site using the internal messaging system.
  • Send a closure request to the broker


Call the customer care line and chat with them for directives on how to close your account. However, endeavor to sell your positions and also, transfer cash out to your account before closing the account.

I know that it may not be your good intention to delete your account. However, circumstances could may one to at in such a way to delete their accounts. So, feel free to bounce back to the services of this great company as they are also ready to assist you any day, any time.