How to Get an Internship with Google | application Requirements

How to Get an Internship with Google | application Requirements

How to Get an Internship with Google – This has been existing for a long time now, every year, thousands of students apply for their internship program with Google. This is now a continuous program. With this means, google has employed so student even before they ends their programs.

how to get an internship with Google

How can this benefit me? If this is your question, then, I must say you have so many benefits only by doing your internship program with Google. As you continue reading you’ll discover that in this article.

How to Get an Internship with Google

You must prepare for the interviews: preparation has a way of making us better in what we do. When you prepare for a google internship interview, you’re giving yourself a high chance to be accepted. You’ll always come out well from an interview smile if you prepare yourself well before going for the interview.

How can you prepare yourself? It’s very simple; you can prepare yourself through reading their past questions.

When you study their past question, you’ll have full knowledge of how they set their question. Even when they didn’t repeat questions, having good knowledge of how they set their question will help you answer the questions better.

However, you might even know the area of concentration to read on. Go through different sites that practice interview questions and practice problem-solving. Read to know about the position you’re applying for. This will boost your chances of being accepted.

Also, you can make friends with people who are applying for the same position as you. You can conduct mock exams among yourself just to test your knowledge of the job. It’s possible you might undergo some phone information.

Because of this, you’ve to set up a location that’s quiet and also receives a good network. In case they were called for a phone interview and you didn’t reply, you might be disqualified. If a call comes into your phone please make sure where you’re at that moment is quiet and conducive for answering calls.

Be yourself during an interview:

This is very important, most times the interviewer also access to know if you’ll be a cultural fit for their company. You should always be free to be yourself and speak your mind. Being yourself might be what might make you qualify. Most time it’s advisable to always ask questions during an interview.

It shows that you want to know more about the company. Also, be specific about what you want to do, don’t act like you’re confused rather act like you’ve confidence. Interviewers always prefer to choose those who specified the position they want in their resume.

Don’t forget thousands of people apply for this internship program every year; you’re not the only one applying. So you must do things that’ll boost your chances of being accepted by google. All the steps already in this article are what will help you stand out and be accepted.

Requirements you need for the application

Before you apply, there are few things you must take note of and keep ready and you can see them below.

  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • A cover letter, a short essay, some additional information. The additional information you’ll provide depends on the internship you’re applying for.
Things you need in your resume

Your resume can disqualify you from an interview; this is why it’s necessary to present it well. Some of the information that you might be required to have in your resume are as follows;

  • Make sure you include your skills or work experience that’s relevant to the post you’re applying for handled.
  • Also, add the projects that you’ve done before and managed
  • Make sure you add your GPA and your courses and project that are relevant. Adding your GPA will boost your chances of being accepted.
  • Make your resume to be sweet and short. This means you can make your resume to be 1 page, if it’s too long, the staff might not have the patience to read it all.

Google internship Opening

Google internship program is divided into two; there are business and engineering internships. In case you’re interested in any of these options, you can check the options that go with it. The business has some jobs that go with it and they’re marketing, information technology, sales, and more. While so internship job that goes with engineering is simply jobs that have to do with computer science or related field. However, you can also be in another field and still apply for a Google internship.

The Location

Most offices around the world are looking for internship students to come and work with them. You can find such offices in countries like Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. If your country offers internship programs, you can apply there, if not you can look for any country close to you to apply for it.

Application Fee

I believe most of you’ll be interested to know how much the google internship program charges. Well, you can apply for a google internship without paying any fee. The application is free. I believe I’m able to give you the information that you need.

Finally, an internship with google application can be done anytime and day. And it’s not selective of the country or anywhere you’re coming from. Once you apply and you pass their screening, you’ll be accepted. I’m wishing you all best of luck in your application.