How to get free Google Ads: Know about using Google Ads

How to get free Google Ads: Know about using Google Ads

 if you’re thinking about How to get free Google ads, I’ll be guiding you in this article. as a business owner or a blogger, this article will be of help to you. Are you surprised to hear that you can run ads on Google for free? You’ll interest you to find out the answers to this question in this article.

How to get free google ads

As you read on you’ll see how you can run an advert on your website on Google without paying any fee. Ads on a website help to promote a business. However, Google is the most popular search engine around the world.

If you own a business and you’re not running an advert for it on Google, then you’re missing a lot. They’re benefits of running business ads for your business, and as you read on you’ll get to know some of these benefits.

Before we proceed further, I’ll let to bring to your knowledge what Google ads are. Getting to know about Google ads will make you understand more why you should run ads for your business. However, this Google ad is free, you won’t be paying any money for the advert. But for you to enjoy this, they’re things you need to do. You’ll get to find out about all of these before the end of this article.

What are Google Ads?

This is simply a free online advertising platform that enables business owners to run ads on Google. When you advertise on Google it’ll make it appear on the Google search engine result page. However, it’s a good way to drive traffic to the company website and also to increase conversation.

Keywords are very important to Google ads; you need to use the keyword that people will easily find on Google. Note that your competitor will also be bidding on the same keyword. The higher your bid determines how your ads will show instead of theirs.

So this is how Google ads work, it’s all about letting people see and know about your business. Over thousands of persons visit Google daily, so this is the best platform to advertise about anything, both your business, an industry, school, or anything you desire to advertise.

Some of the benefits of using Google ads

They’re several things you will benefit from when you’re running an ad on Google. Google ads offer a wealth of data that allows advertisers to effectively manage and evaluate campaigns. The two major benefits of Google ads can be seen below.

  1. It will help increase your brand awareness: Google display network has more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps that get to 90% of internet users globally. However, any advertisement you make on Google will get to a large audience. And this is one of the ways you can create awareness of your business on Google. When people search on Google, it’ll be easy for them to see information about your brand.
  2. You can beat your biggest competitors with Google ads: one of the ways to do this is by “targeting outranking share bidding”. This is a strategy of making your ad seen and noticed instead of competitors. With Google Ads, you can easily see if another website that’s outranking you on Google and then handle it. When you set up “target outranking automated bidding” allows Google ads to raise or lower your bids to help your advert outrank other domain authority.

How to get free Google Ads

Some ads on Google can cost you some money, but I’ll be showing another free way of running an ad on Google.

  1. Open your browser and put in this link and click on the “start now” option.
  2. Then search for your business and verify if it hasn’t been listed on Google. But if you didn’t find your business, you can then fill in your information.
  3. Read and carefully follow the steps provided by Google. Google will ask you to verify your business either through your phone, text, mail, etc. in case you see any of these options listed, and follow the direction on the page to verify your business.
  4. In verifying your business, Google will give you 30 days to verify the business. However, you can read their FAQ.
  5. Once your business has been verified, you can then start getting free ads from Google. If you want to edit your listing, simply go to “Google my business page to do that.

Finally, you can also add your photos or any of your additional information on the business page you’ve created with Google.

You can create your personal business website within Google. However, you can learn about search engines,s and also you can swap from Gmail to email. Simply follow the provided steps in this article and you’ll have your ads running on Google.