How to get Free Google Voice Number : Signup for Google voice  and get your number


 How to get Free Google Voice Number: Signup for Google voice  and get your number

You can easily get your free Google voice number if you really want. In this article, you’ll see step which you can use to get a free Google voice number on your device. But before I proceed to the steps, let me quickly tell you what Google voice is.

how to get free google voice number

In case you’re asking yourself what Google voice is, this article will give you the answers that you seek. However, let’s proceed to define what Google voice is.

What is Google voice? This is simply a free service that enables anyone with a Gmail address to make phone calls, get voicemail, and send texts for free. Before now, Google voice requires a Google voice invite code to set up but now you can set up your google voice free.

Free Google voice number:  How to get Free Google Voice Number

Anyone who signs up to Google voice will get one phone number that’s connected to them across devices and locations. However, it’ll also be connected with working mobile phones, desk phones, and VoIP lines. This simply means that Google voice number is a number that is given to those who sign up to Google voice. Google voice users can select their own choice of phone number through the services.

This option is good for small-scale business individuals who can’t afford a second line or for individuals who want to keep their personal numbers private. With Google Voice, you can easily get a number of your choice. Google voice is accepted both on iOS devices, Android devices or PC.

How to get a Google Voice phone number on your device

  1. Open your desired web browser and make sure your device is connected to the internet. Then fill in this link in your web browser
  2. When it opens, you can sign in to your Google account.
  3. Go through the terms and conditions that’ll be provided on the site and accept them.
  4. Choose the area code or the city of your phone number. Most times Google will not allow you to set up a 1-800 number. But when it happens you can render an apology if that’s your business plan. However, if you don’t want people to know your general location, don’t fill in an area code of where you live. Most persons do this for security reasons.
  5. When you receive your number, click on the “select” option. Connect your Google phone number to your normal phone number. When you complete your Google confirmation process that means you’re ready to start talking.

With the above steps, you’ve successfully completed the processing of your google voice number. They’re some steps you need to follow to get the Google voice number on your iOS and Android device. Some of the steps can be seen below.

How to get a Google voice number on your iOS and Android device

  1. Open your app store to download the Google voice app.
  2. In your app store open the Google voice app and sign in to your Google account with your information.
  3. Click on the sign-in button which is located at the bottom of the screen. You can sign in using the Google account. You might be asked to proceed to to sign in to your Google account. You’ll be required to do this if you’ve not linked your phone.
  4. Choose your area code or city for your phone number, choose your phone number. However, Google will not allow you to make a 1-800 number.
  5. When you’ve selected your number, you can complete your confirmation process. Connect your Google Voice number to your normal phone number. This is because it’ll enable Google to know where to route your incoming calls. Once you’ve completed this process then you’re ready to start dialing.
Why is getting a Google voice number important

The use of Google numbers is very useful to all individuals and business persons. Over the years, Google has expanded the feature set of voice. Google has a free domestic calling, this means you can call and text anyone in the US and Canada for free.

However, it allows group messaging just like other modern services. All this and more are what you’ll gain by having Google voice on your device. Voicemail transcription services are also an addition. Voicemail transcription helps to turn your voicemail a text and it’ll send it directly to your inbox or email.

How to use Google voice number

When you complete your Google voice account, it can be used on your browser. Fill in On your browser and it’ll log you into your account. The setup will not be the same as a normal phone.

In conclusion, Google voice is free. You’ll enjoy the listed features without paying any money. Google Voice also offers free international voice and video calls. You can have conversations with people outside US for fees that are low; you can text anyone without any fee.


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