How to recover deleted Whatsapp images


How to recover deleted WhatsApp images

Whatsapp images-Most often we lost some of our messages, photos or videos on our WhatsApp chats.  If how to recover deleted Whatsapp images or videos is your problem, you’ll find the solution here.

WhatsApp images

So, most times it’s not very easy to avoid data loss which would be a result of deleting a file or messages accidentally. Also, data can be lost by change on the phone and reinstalling the WhatsApp app on another phone.

Below are steps on how to recover deleted WhatsApp images.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp images

Recover Whatsapp messages backed up in your google drive

Reinstall the app and sign up for your account again.

  Whatsapp images-FROM YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE

If your messages are backed up in any storage device you can retrieve them from the google drive backup. You can achieve this by clicking on the ‘restore ‘option to restore your messages and media from   the Google drive


This option only allows the option to back up and restore for devices with same Operating System

If you never back up before, you are not able to restore the data when accidentally delete

It doesn’t allow you to selectively recover the data selectively and you need to restore the whole files on the backup copy, even some of them are useless.

If you skip the restore step when you re-install WhatsApp, you could never restore it in this way

In addition, in case you fail to recover your messages and files via the Google drive, then, you’ recover data with Android Data Recovery software.


The second method is to restore your deleted messages from your WhatsApp is to delete or uninstall the app and install another one. When this is done, then, you’ll have to sign up for your account again.

In the process, it’ll show you a message to restore your backup after you open the reinstalled WhatsApp. Just tap “Restore”. And your messages will be restored.  Thanks for reading and I am sure that his will be useful to you.  If you like this, like the page and don’t fail to put your comment in the comment box. Thanks