How to Run a Facebook Campaign | Mistakes Advertisers Make


How to Run a Facebook Campaign | Mistakes Advertisers Make

How to run a Facebook campaign that meets your Ad objectives is very important. As a beginner, it’s important not to make mistakes. Sometimes you’ve to test things yourself to find out what works in your niche and target demography.

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Sometimes, because of a different market niche and target audience what works for A might not work for B.

How to Run a Facebook Campaign – Major Ads Mistakes and approach to Avoiding it

Creating multiple campaigns is a common mistake most people make which is not equal to a successful Ad.

It only leaves you in a state of confusion and still makes you lose some money.

Launch Multiple Ads with Low Funding/Campaign Budget

A lot of advertisers create confusion for themselves by running too many Facebook Ads with very little budget.

This type of decision results in frustrations, high cost and low result yielding.

This is due to the inability to keep track of each Ads progress, as well as manage and optimize results.

For instance, an advertiser running 7 campaigns,90 ad sets,409 ads. It’ll be overwhelming and more expensive.

If you’re in such a situation, here is a new approach to solve it:

  • Move all the audience into ad sets with a large budget.

Use this to give more data to Facebook, increase your CPA, and turn up quickly.

  • In one combined audience, move 1% of your lookalike of about 300 or more.

In the last one month, combine the lookalike of the audience who have visited your sales page.

Move some unique audiences such as page admins, digital marketers, etc in one set.


Give Facebook the impression its algorithm looks out for.

A minimum of 70 – 110 conversions per ad in a week.

Your ad set needs a noticeable budget for the algorithm to expedite your ads.

E.g:If you’re bidding a $10 lead, try using an ad set budget ranging from $70-$100 dollars per day.

For campaign budget optimization with 2 ad sets, a minimum campaign budget from $190-$300 is okay.