How to Transfer Money PayPal – Fast Online Money Transfers

How to Transfer Money PayPal – Fast Online Money Transfers

Do you know that with PayPal you can transfer money without stress? This is simply one of the best ways to transfer money. Meanwhile, they are other apps like PayPal which you can use to transfer money.

how to tranfer money paypal

As you read on, you’ll see some other apps you can also use to transfer funds to a friend or to your account. However, this article will give the right knowledge about some easy ways to transfer money.

Just like I said, there are so many platforms today that you can use to send money for free. And some of them will be listed for you in this article.

Best Way to Send Money

Even if you’re paying your share of dinner or rent check, making payment has never been that easy to make. These are some ways to send money.

Square Cash

This is one of the amazing platforms which you use to transfer money. Meanwhile, this service provides easy cash tags to make a money transfer. Furthermore, if your recipient has a square cash account, you can ask for his personal cash tag URL and visit the page. Also, if you don’t have an account to sign in or enter the amount to send and click pay, you can create square cash.


With this money transfer app, you can send money and do other functions like paying at participating businesses with your phone. Meanwhile, this platform is owned by PayPal and also it has social functions so you can share your transfer history you’re your friends. To download this app, click on the Venmo app to make a money transfer to other Venmo users. All you need to do is to select an amount and add a note before completing the transaction.

Chase QuickPay

This app offers a free chase QuickPay bank transfer option to their bank’s users. When you have an account with a chase bank account, simply sign up for chase QuickPay and confirm your account. You can confirm your account safe by using the code sent to your primary email address during the sign-up process.

Meanwhile, this service sets limits on transferring money, though it depends on the type of transfer and whether the recipient has a chase bank account.


Are you an account holder at banks that are part of the clearXchange network? You can take advantage of the new Zelle app. It allows you to securely send money to others by using your bank mobile app. Meanwhile, if your bank does not offer Zelle you can still send or receive money through the service by registering at


Popmoney app offers one of the easiest ways to send money through mobile devices or your email if you have an account at a participating bank. You can also send money for free via this service. Most recipients don’t need an account to accept their payment. They are notified through text or an email that you’re transferring money to them.


Note that your personal account allows you to transfer money for free into another person’s account. Also, you need to fund your PayPal balance through your bank account. Meanwhile, you can fund with a credit or debit card. Transferring it through PayPal is free if you draw the funds from your bank account.  You’ll have to pay a 2.9 percent fee for using a credit or debit card.

Facebook Messenger

Are you surprised to know you can transfer money through your Facebook messenger? However, this platform is not just for chatting with friends anymore. This means you can also send money in a message by opening a chat with a person. Money transfer with this platform is free when you clicking on the dollar sign symbol and selecting next. Also, your recipient will have to add a debit card to access the money. Finally, both you and the person you are sending to must be in the U.S.