IFC Global Internship 2021 | World Bank Paid Internships

IFC Global Internship 2021 | World Bank Paid Internships

 International Finance Corporation, which is part of the World Bank Group is inviting eligible candidates from different countries to apply for IFC  global internship. IFC accepts Global Internship students for a minimum period of four weeks. However, it starts from May and October to work on discrete projects in Washington, D.C., or some of the IFC’s country or the regional offices.

IFC global internship

The IFC Global Internship Program (GIP)

It often offers highly motivated students an opportunity to be exposed to the mission and work of IFC and the broader World Bank Group. And also for them to be a part of the largest private sector development institution in the world. The Selected internship students will be given short-term temporary contracts with IFC that can begin as early as May and end on October 31, 2021.

Now, let’s look at a few things you’ve to not about the internship program. If you’re hearing about this internship program, then you’ll have to stick around and keep reading this article to get all the knowledge you need to know about the internship program.

However, this is a great opportunity for you to grab, so you’ve to learn about the internship to know when to apply for it and other few things you’ll learn about it. Below are some of the few things you should note about the IFC Global Internship Program.

Job Title: this is the IFC Global Internship Program (GIP)

Company: it’s founded by International Finance Corporation

Location: it’s located at Global (Washington, D.C. or in a part of IFC’s country or regional offices).

Slots: not specified

Job Type: it’s an Internship Program

Duration: it’s a duration of 4 weeks or more.

Meanwhile, you’ll get to find out more information about the internship program as you continue reading.

IFC Global Internship Program 2021 | DETAILS

The GIP accepts about 1500 applications every year, however, all selected applicants will be short-listed for departmental interviews. All the successful short-listed GIP students will be are directly accepted and paid by interested departments worldwide. This will be based on their business need and the particular profile of the student.

Operational assignments cover different areas of work like, participation in sector-specific market mapping, investment proposal reviews, and financial modeling. Also, portfolio management, upstream work, and advisory services activities. Some assignments can cover a range of activities incorporate and support departments.

Now, let’s talk about some of the eligibility of this scholarship program. The steps that’ll be listed below will help you check if you’re eligible for the scholarship program or not.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All candidates must be at least in the first or second-to-last year of a Masters’s level program, having at least three years of relevant experience.
  • Please see some of the available internship opportunities with additional selected criteria.

Are you already interested in applying for this internship program that we’re talking about? If yes, then you should follow the directive below to apply for it.

Application Procedures

  • The listed information below is the few steps that’ll guide you on how to apply for the internship program.
  • How to Apply: All the Interested and eligible candidates who want to apply for the IFC internship program should: click here to apply online.
  • The application window opens from February 8, 2021 (at noon EST) to March 8, 2021 (at 11:59 pm UTC).
  • All applicants will receive a status update no later than the end-March 2021.
  • The Selected internship students will be offered short-term temporary contracts that can begin as early as May and end as late as October 31, 2021.
  • Finally, applications during the February 8 to March 8 application window will be kept open for you to review until the end of August 31, 2021, should other internship opportunities become available throughout the Summer.

In conclusion, if you didn’t catch up with the application date, you can prepare to apply for it next year with the provided information in this article. Note, this internship program is a yearly program that accepts 1500 applications.

I believe that when you follow the information in the article you’ll apply for it and it’ll be accepted.