Internship with google | how to get an internship with google


Internship with google | how to get an internship with google

Internship with google- There are internship programs that you can obtain from google with no stress. If you’re an aspiring intern student, then you need this article to get the information you’ll need.  Google is one of the biggest companies in the world; it has enriched so many people and also made some persons rich. Apart from running your business with Google, you can also obtain your internship program with Google.

internship with Google

However, most of the current employees of google are ex-interns. This simply means that, if you obtain your program with google, you’ll have a high chance of getting a pre-placement offer.

It has been recorded that google receives thousands of internship applications every year. The competition that’s involved when applying for your internship with google is so high. In case you’re wondering how smooth your application will turn out, sure it’ll turn out well.

Yes, it’s always very challenging when trying to apply for an internship program with google because of the high number of participants that apply.

I’ll be showing you some short cut you can use to apply for this program. The information that’ll be provided in this article is the information’s that most people don’t know about.

How to prepare yourself before applying

Preparation has always been a gateway to success. First of all, before you apply for your intern program you should prepare yourself. How can you prepare yourself before applying? If this is the question going on in your mind, then you don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll be listing out some methods you can use to prepare for your internship program.

  1. Resume

When making a resume, make sure your resume is to the point and concise. Every year google receives thousands of resumes from applicants. Present your resume in such a way that it’ll be accepted. While preparing your resume, fill in your details, such as your age, academic credentials, your experience, and more.

The experience skill you should fill in should be similar to the post you’re applying for. However, the experience can be anything from your past-time jobs and also the project you’ve done. Finding a keyword for the position you’re applying for will boost your chances of being accepted.

  1. Additional Projects

You’ll have a higher chance to be accepted when you have a high GPA.  The chances of you having your intern later approved will be high if you’ve something additional to showcase. What you can showcase can be anything that can prove your creativity and ability to deliver work on your own.

  1. Make your online presence felt

Make out time to build a strong online portfolio. Always search for a group on social media that’s related to your field and join it. This will help you get more knowledge about your field. Also always make your communication felt on that platform. When you have a strong online presence, you’ll have an easy way to impress recruiters online by getting their attention. This is all you need to scale through the selection process.

Application process

Let’s talk about some methods you can use to apply for this internship with google.  The first thing you should do is;

1 Dig out the connections

You need to find the people working at Google that can refer you there for an internship. But if you don’t anyone who can refer you, you can search on Linkedin for googlers and message them for help. However, you can check for your college group and also some of your college students that are working with google.

Also, you can find someone through your mutual both online or offline that’ll introduce or refer you to google.

Most internship students were lucky to have friends that helped them pass a screening process conducted by Google. You can also have access to review some interviews before you’ll be selected.

  1. Apply Online

To apply online is very easy; all you should do is to search for the google internship portal online. When you visit the page, fill in your details and upload your resume. Make sure your cover letter and resume is interesting enough to take you to the next steps.

  1. Through the campus

It’ll be easy for your internship to be approved if you’ve good grades from your school. You can check your placement department to find out if your university is registered with google. Then if yes, you can freely apply for your internship program through the college placement call.

5. Google Summer of code

Google summer of code is not an internship program, it’s a global program sponsored by Google. It helps students to work on projects with some mentorship companies selected by Google. Most times it’s usually a work-from-home gig that’s mostly handled by google. These are the few things you need to know about applying for an internship with Google. If you want to know more, you can always visit our website at then you’ll get to know more about google internships.


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