Internships at NASA : How can I get an Internship at Nasa

Internships at NASA: How can I get an Internship at Nasa

NASA supports different internship programs, fellowships, and scholarships nationwide. As a student, you can do your internship at Nasa. It gives a wide range of opportunities to students from different disciplines.

internships at nasa

The NASA internship award is always competitive, not every student that applies for it will get it. Internships at NASA are worth it and a great experience for students. Their aim is to support and provide opportunities for NASA-related research and also operational experiences for high school, undergraduates, and graduate students.

The opportunity provided helps the student who wants to an internship program with NASA and they’ll also gather more knowledge about their career choice.

However, during the period of the student’s internship program with NASA, all accepted students will engage in development research, engineering, and operations activities. All individual that wants to obtain an internship program with NASA will gather a lot of practical work before leaving. Before I proceed, let me briefly talk about NASA.

What is NASA?

I believe some persons might not know what NASA is; the full meaning of NASA is National Aeronautics and space. It started in 1958 as a part of the United States government. However, NASA is in charge of U.S science and technology which has to do with airplanes and space. They’re so many things NASA does which you’ll discover as we proceed.

NASA is responsible for setting satellite that helps scientist to study things in the solar system. With NASA’s idea, you can make new inventions. NASA is about science. Do you love science? If yes, then NASA will make you love science the more.

With NASA you’ll learn more about flying in space, about the moon and the earth’s surface at large. However, NASA accepts internship students, who want to learn more about the earth’s surface and how the earth function.

If this is your desire, then NASA is the best place to obtain your internship program. You might be wondering how NASA can accept you. All you need to do is to apply for your internship program with NASA.

You should also have some of the requirements; this will help boost your chances of being accepted. What are the requirements that will enable you to obtain your internship program with NASA? Well, you’ll get to find out about that in this article.

Student career opportunity with NASA-Internships at NASA

NASA internship program is open to students who have enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a good qualifying educational program. It gives students the access to explore careers even while they’re still in school. Also, all internship students will have the opportunity to be converted as a full worker with NASA after their program.

However, this employment that the student might receive will last up to 6 years or more than that, depending on the length of the contract. Remember, that internship with NASA is not for everybody. It’s only for those that are eligible for it.

It’s always advised that before you apply for an internship, you should first of all check the requirement and all you’ve to do to apply for the internship. When you don’t read and know the terms and conditions of any internship program, you might apply for and not get it. Let’s look at some of the requirements of applying for NASA internships.

How to know you’re qualified to apply for a NASA internship

  1. The first thing you must note is that all applicants must be U.S citizens.
  2. Applicants must be at least 16 years old.
  3. He or she should be enrolled or accept to be enrolled for at least a half-time basis.
  4. Applicants should have and maintain a 2.9-grade point average.
  5. He or she must complete at least 640 hours of work to completing their degree or certificate requirement.
  6. Finally, meet up with some requirements listed in the announcement.

Most times federal agencies will post internship opportunities on USAJOBS. You can always go to USAJOBS, to find out about the available internship job that you’ll apply for. Also, you can review the current NASA IEP vacancies at “pathways opportunities”.

However, you can create an account on USAJOBS and sign up for it so that you can easily be notified about job vacancies, internships program, and other information that’ll be useful to you.


Note that you can apply for the NASA internship program at This is where you can apply for the internship program. I’ll suggest that you should always check to know when the application form is out so that you’ll be among the first people to apply for it. When you apply early, the chances of you being accepted will be high.