Internships  in Japan, What jobs are in high demand in Japan , Internship Program in Japan

Internships  in Japan, What jobs are in high demand in Japan| Internship Program in Japan

Internships in Japan: Do you want to do your internship in Japan? Here are some of the tips that’ll help you achieve that in this article. This country gives opportunity to millions of individuals to do their internship in their country. Doing your internship in Japan will give you access to gain a better experience.

internships in Japan

However, if you’re into technology, Japan will be the best place for you to do your internship. Apart from technology, you can also gain experience in another field. Japan is a well-developed country that has a lot of functional industries. It’s well known for productions and other things.

Also, Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, so you can find varieties of industries for your internship program. As you read on, you’ll discover some top industries in Japan that accept I.T students. However, the first step you should take if you’re interested in doing your internship in Japan is to apply for it first.

Some top Industries in Japan: Internships  in Japan

Japan has hundreds of industries that offer opportunities to students who want to do their internship program. Also, English speaking internship can be found in any sector, so you don’t need to be worried if you’ll find an English-speaking sector in Japan. Let’s look at a few industries in Japan.

  1. PR and Marketing

One good thing about PR and marketing internships is that the sector is essential knowledge in any industry. These industries also give internship students the opportunity to develop more skills for themselves.

The student could be helping a tech giant carry out market research, writing English content for a hotel chain. They can also create graphics for a start-up if you’re looking for a PR or marketing internship in Japan.

  1. Media and Popular Culture

This Japanese media and popular culture have thousands of fans all around the world. A lot of people prefer working or doing their internship with the Japanese animation studio, manga publications, or J-Pop magazines. However, you can find media internships through providers like CRCC Asia and AIP, though it’s usually very competitive. Those who can speak Japanese will have more advantages to be accepted.

  1. Banking and finance sector

Most international banks mostly have English placement available. As an internship student in the banking and financing sector in Japan, you’ll have the opportunity. Opportunities to work in the best and one of the fastest environments in the world. However, if you can handle the Toyota, Yokohama that means you can handle any workday.

Best Time to Get an Internship in Japan 

They’re so many industries where you can find internship work in Japan. And also you can find an internship any time of the year. You don’t need to worry about how you can get where to do your internship program, you can find it online.

Another way to find it is by following the company’s website; you can follow the company you want to do your internship with online. Most times, some of these companies would run an advert on their website.

However, if you’re following their website, you can easily know when they need an internship student. Most companies make their advertisement at the end of an academic year which is mostly at the end of matches in Japan.

Some companies that are offering English-speaking internship programs to international applicants will also make their advert on their website. So the best time to get an internship program in Japan is mainly at the end of March or during summertime in Japan.

Housing for internship students in Japan: Internships  in Japan

The good news about some industries in Japan is that it has some employee accommodation. This accommodation is mostly given to young and single workers of the industry. Any internship student that is accepted by this industry will be given free accommodation.

Though some industries would ask employees or internship students to pay an accommodation fee. However, this accommodation is always separated by gender; this means the occupant will have a private bedroom. It’ll come with much conformability.  It also comes with a small shared kitchen and a shared bathroom which usually come with showers.

As an internship student, most of this company will offer you accommodation which is usually built like a hostel. You’ll also find another internship student in the same building.

However, if the company didn’t provide accommodation for you, that means you’ll have to pay for an apartment. Some apartment in Japan is not really cheap but you’ll have to go for a one-room apartment that’ll be more affordable.

Cost of leaving in Japan

Food in Japan is affordable if you can go for their local food, but food can be expensive in their country. In Japan you can get lunch deals; this is common for busy workers in most restaurants. This is a simple way to fill up. Transportation cost is also affordable, it ranges around $2, mostly if your movement is around the city. A flying ticket is not cheap.

Their accommodations fee depends on where you’re leaving and the apartment you choose to leave. The place you choose to leave determines the fee you’ll pay.


The visa that’ll you’ll get depends on the length of your internship program. Most times, paid internship requires a designated activities visa. The unpaid ones require a cultural activities visa. The company you intend to do your internship program with; will help you in getting a visa without delay.