investment banks in new york | Investment Banks in The US

Investment banks in new York  | Investment Banks in The US

Investment banks in new York- Best banks in New York City – in this article, we have carefully documented research on banks. We will not only give you the best banks, but we will also give you reasons for saying so. The banking options available to the average New Yorker is overwhelming. Especially when you’re trying to choose between them.

Investment banks in new york

To start with, New York City is the most populous city in the United States. There are so many people living in this city that never sleeps. And as such, it is important to have a bank that can keep up with your every need. Not just for one person but for different customers. We have written this article to help you effectively make a decision. Read and decide.

First, let’s establish the fact that New York City is a major financial capital in the United States. Speaking from stats, there are a total of 206 local and national banks offering banking services for citizens in New York. These banks have 4,627 branches in 809 cities.

According to reports, the largest banks in New York with most branches are: Chase Bank with 668 offices, Bank of America with 271 offices, KeyBank with 268 offices, TD Bank with 262 offices, M &T Bank with 245 offices, Citibank with 226 offices and Community Bank with 167 offices.

Enough of the long stories and boring stats. Let’s quickly go-ahead to the banks that are topmost. We put a lot of things in place before the list below came up. Things like free checking, high-yield savings, and small business accounts. And many more considerations.

Investment banks in new York – Best Banks for Checking Accounts

Opening a new bank account is usually not an exciting process. Although, choosing the right bank will make the time you spend doing so well spent. Trust me when I say you’re not alone if opening a new checking account seems worse than cleaning out your old garage.

It takes a lot of patience to choose a new account, redirect your direct deposits. As well as changing your automatic bill payment options. Fortunately, and unfortunately, this is a task that must be done, particularly if your existing account isn’t the best fit for you.

In a bid to reduce the list, we used three factors to analyze the best checking account bank in the City of New York. These factors are;

  1. Accessibility
  2. Affordability
  3. Consumer-friendliness.
  4. Chase Bank

To start with, Chase Bank is the best when it comes to banks that have the highest branch and ATMs. Did you know that Chase Bank is the consumer banking arm of JPMorgan Chase?

As you already know, it is one of the largest banking companies in the U.S.

Chase bank offers a full range of banking services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, as well as money market accounts.

To be honest, no other bank comes close to running as many locations in New York as Chase. Almost in every neighborhood, you can spot Chase branches every three or four blocks, with vestibules offering 24/7 ATM access.

On the cons side, the bank charges the typical $2.50 every time you withdraw cash or check balances at out-of-network ATMs.

Also combined with the surcharge from the original owner of the machine, Chase’s ATM fee can get out of hand if you don’t stick to the bank’s own ATMs.

I believe Chase Bank bridged this with the number of ATMs available.

Investment banks in new York -Other Notable BenefitsOf Chase Bank

  • Having 5,100 branches and 16,000 ATMs, we can say that Chase’s physical footprint is huge.
  • Digitally, the bank’s website and mobile app are consistently rated highly by users. This is because of seamless usage.
  • It has monthly service fees on most accounts, interestingly, avoiding fees are relatively easy. You can do so with a direct deposit into its Chase Total Checking.
  • While some banks are shaking and crashing, Chase has been expanding and adding branches.
  • Another reason to smile is that Chase has been known to reward new customers with bonuses if they come bank at Chase.
  1. Apple Bank for Savings

If you want a bank with no monthly maintenance fee, then Apple Bank for Savings is the best option for you. In the same vein, it’s best for free checking.

Apple Bank for Savings has its headquarters in Manhasset, New York. On the con side, they lack premium access to support representatives, with no live chat or all-day service options available.

Apple Bank for Savings offers customers a mixture of product offerings. These offers include savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts, CDs, IRAs, mortgage products as well as credit cards

Generally, Apple Bank for Savings is a solid option in your bank search, with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from our experts.

Banks that offer free checking, as well as a high-interest rate savings account, are your best option for accruing the most income on your deposits. This is exactly what this bank offers you while still having convenient access to your money.

There’s a signup offer of up to $100 for new customers. You should visit the bank for more detailed info on this service.


HSBC Premier Savings is the best customer friendly bank. If you want a bank whose fee policies are more transparent and customer-friendly, then HSBC it is.

A couple of personal banking products are available through HSBC, as well as HSBC Direct, its online-only banking division. HSBC has banking offers for students, businesses, and corporations.

Additionally, it’s UK-based HSBC is one of the most customer-friendly banks in New York City. It will interest you to know that HSBC also provides account-holders with the protection of deposit insurance.

Noteworthy is the transparency of its disclosures, overdraft policy, and dispute resolution. HSBC is one of the few banks that won’t charge you an overdraft fee so long as your balance at the end of the day is overdrawn by $10 or less.

  1. Santander Bank

Santander made our list of Best Banks in New York City as the best for Student Value Checking. If you are under 25, then this is the bank for you. In actual fact, it’s best for Students in NYC.

Its numerous options for checking as well as savings account with no minimum deposit requirements makes it suitable for a variety of customers. It is the best bank for those who want to:

  • Own a student checking or savings account with no fees
  • Own a checking account with easy fee waiver requirements
  • Visit a bank with physical branches in the Northeast

It also grants a waiver on the bank’s usual incoming wire transfer fee. Thus Santander one of the most cost-effective options for an international student receiving financial support from abroad.

  1. Capital One Bank

Capital One Essential Savings is best for individuals looking for a high-interest rate savings account. In other words, it offers the best saving rates.

Their online banking unit of Capital One Financial Corp offers checking, savings, and certificates of deposit.

Worthy of note is that Capital One’s Essential Savings account offers both the highest introductory rate and the highest standard rate.

Additionally, new customers with more than $10,000 to deposit can receive 0.80% APY for the first six months, with the rate dropping to 0.50% afterward.

The 360 Savings account package offers five times the national average for all balances. It doesn’t also have a minimum balance requirement. Making this account the one for all levels of savers.

6. Capital One Bank – Small Business-Investment banks in new York 

Capital One Spark Business Basic Checking is the best for people who need easy-to-access free business checking.

It has a potentially huge bonus and ongoing 2% cash-back rewards rate. It has a $95 annual fee but this is waived for the first year.

The Capital One Spark Cash is a solid choice for businesses that intend to charge quite a lot to a card. From a minimum of $500 or so a month. It’s well suited to owners who plan to run up far higher spending. Do you know that charging $4,500 to the card within your first three months earns a $500 bonus? Interesting right.

How to Find the Best Bank for You

You might not realize that selecting a bank is one of the most important yet difficult financial decisions you’ll ever make. Banks can give you financial opportunities like high-interest savings accounts and free checks, or they can cost you money. As well as inconvenience you in many ways from monthly maintenance fees to limited ATM availability.

Choosing the right one can help your life run smoothly. On the other hand, choosing the wrong one can be frustrating and take time away from the things that are important to you.

In conclusion, to choose a bank that’s right for you, consider your current financial situation, your existing banking habits, and your future needs. Other factors like location also matter.

Go ahead and choose a bank that you will enjoy.