Jaumo Dating App | JaumoApk | Flirt, Chat, Dating on www.jaumo.com

Jaumo Dating App | JaumoApk | Flirt, Chat, Dating on www.jaumo.com

The world today has moved from analog to digital life in all aspects. Also, the internet is now one of the bedrock of so many activities ranging from business, learning, messaging, and advertising, and so on. But one interesting aspect of it is connecting people via social media, and dating apps like Jaumo.

jaumo dating app

This online trending websites or dating apps have been for a while now and have changed our generation. Therefore there are many dating apps and websites today like jaumo, OkCupid, weblog, tinder, and so on. Unlike some dating apps that have charges for their services, using jaumo does not charge users a cent. Also, it has over 30million members and over 150 thousand newbies daily.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the Jaumo dating app or website. This is a dating app that aims to make our social life fun, simple and fulfilling while connecting people to find love. This is to say the internet holds much of our lively activities presently.

Now singles and loved ones have a way they connect to themselves through jaumo. Some few years back precisely 2016 the app was the winner of applause study best dating app. One nice thing about the app is that it has a simple way of users navigating their way around it. This is to say the usability of the app is nice.

Jaumo Sign up – Jaumo Dating Registration

For users to download and register on the app is pretty easy, first, the user needs to have a working internet connection to access the app or website.

  1. Enter the URL www.jaumo.com to start the process.
  2. Input your email address details.
  3. The user input password as well.
  4. Fill in your age and gender details. Then click on register.

The user can also click the Facebook or Gmail icon seen on the screen to achieve the registration process also. But if a user uses the Facebook or Gmail icon to sign up they need to follow a few procedures.

  • The user will have to input his or her mobile number.
  • A verification code will be sent to the user mobile number. Input the code into the space seen on the next page.
  • After the confirmation, the user account will pop up.

Jaumo Login – Sign in to Jaumo Dating App

For a user to access the login process to their account they need to follow this simple process in other to achieve access to their account.

  1. Enter the website www.jaumo.com and the first page will pop open
  2. Input your email address and password.
  3. Then the user should click on login.

After all this process the user will be given access to their account. Also, they can now enjoy all the benefits and features of the Jaumo dating app.


JaumoApk is the same as the jaumo app. However, when users see this term they tend to be confusing and think it is something else. More so, the Apk version is simply referred to as the android app. Therefore, this app works on all android devices from Android version 4.0.

You can get the app or download the app from your normal google play store in your device. Furthermore, downloading the app is very easy any internet user can go through the download process. To download

  • Visit the Google play store on your phone.
  • Then you can click on the search bar and type in your search term which is the app name and search.
  • Therefore, the app pop-up click on it.
  • Then scroll down to locate the download caption and click on download.
  • After downloading it you can then install it to your device to use the app.

This is how to get the app and as well access other areas on the platform to become a full member of this dating platform.