JCP Credit Card Payment | jcpenney credit card customer service


JCP Credit Card Payment | jcpenney credit card customer service

JCP credit card Payment: let’s look at how to make payment with JCP credit card. Now, JCP credit card can be gotten from Synchrony bank. This credit card is  used at stores, and other places. You can use this credit card to make purchase of any item you desire. Apart from making a purchase with this credit card, they’re many other benefits that you can from this credit card. As we proceed, you’ll get to understand this credit card and what you can benefit from using it.

jcp credit card payment

Cardholders can make payments with this card in so many ways. You can make payment through their online platform, by mail, by phone, stores. All of these are what I’ll be showing in this article.

JCP credit card Payment

As we provide you with the different options of making a payment with this credit card, you’ll have to choose from the option the one that suits you more. You can make your choice depending on the payment method you consider to be fast and better for you.

Remember, JCP credit card payment is very easy and it’s accessible to all cardholders. Your payment can be made anywhere at any time including in your house, that’s how easy this payment method is.

All cardholders get to be rewarded only by using a JCP credit card. Cardholders will receive 1 point for every dollar they spend on qualifying JCP products. They’ll also receive 25% in bonus points as you use the credit card.

All these and more are the reward this credit card offers. I’ll still come back to the benefits of this card but before then, let’s look at the different payment method and how you can use it to make payments.

JCP Online Payment

JCP online payment is one of the payment methods some cardholders consider to be easy. With your phone, you can manage all other areas of your account. How to make payment online;

  • If you already have an account, open it and log into your account.
  • Search for the “pay online” option and click on it
  • Go through it and choose the payment option you want to use.
  • Then finally, you can process your bill payment.

When you make payment online, it’ll allow you to keep tabs on your payment status and also, you’ll easily make your payment without stress.

JCP payment through Mail

You can make payment through the mail once you already have an account. All you should do is to open your mail and send a message to them about the payment you want to make. Send the mail to Synchrony Financial, P.O. Box 960090, Orlando, FL 32896-0090.

While making your payment through the mail, please make sure you include your JCP account number on your check. In case you’re confused about how you can locate your account number, you can find it on your check.

JCP payment through the store

All you should do is locate JCP stores close to you and purchase any goods of your choice with your credit card.

JCP Payment through Phone

Simply place a call through their customer service. Let them know what you want to pay for and make your payment. To do that you can call 1-800-527-4403. When you call them with your phone, they’ll direct you on the next thing to do.

All of these are the different methods which you can make through a JCP credit card. Choose the credit card payment that’ll be suitable and easy for you. You shouldn’t always be stressed over how you’ll make a payment with your credit card.

You can go through all the information in this article so that you can master all the steps provided for you. In case you’re hearing about JCP credit cards and you want to apply, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open your browser and search for Synchrony financial portal
  • When it opens, fill in your details which will appear like this, your first name, M.I, Sufix, street address, your last name.
  • You’ll see a box, please click on it to add a joint application.
  • Finally, click on the “Continue” button.

You can also submit your application in their offline store. Simply locate the JCP store close to you, visit them, and submit the entire requirement they’ll need from you.

JCP credit card payment Benefits

At the beginning of this article, I promised to let you know some of the things you’ll benefit from when you use this credit card to make payment. Some of these benefits are listed below;

  • It ensures free online account management
  • Very easy to make your scheduled payments
  • You can set up alerts
  • No annual fee will be required from you
  • You’ll receive double member reward points.
  • Cardholders will receive discounts on their first purchase.

All these benefits and more will be enjoyed by all cardholders please follow the application process to apply for a JCP credit card.



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