JCPenney credit card bill pay | JCPenney credit card Login

JCPenney credit card bill pay | JCPenney credit card Login

JCPenney credit card bill pays-There are different ways of making a payment with a JCPenney credit card. If you’re a cardholder, you can make bill payments online. However, you can also make payments with your phone and in stores. All these payment methods listed will give you easy access to make your payment.

jcpenny credit card bill pay

The different payment options, I’ve provided, ’ll enable you to choose between the different payment options listed. I believe that with some of these payment options listed, you’ll find the one that will suit you better. Payment with this credit card is very easy and less stressful; you can make payments anywhere, including your home.

JCPenney Credit Card bill pay

This credit card is a reward card that rewards all card users at the basic credit card program level. All cardholder gets 1 point in every dollar spent on a qualifying JCPenney product. They’ll also receive 25% extra in bonus points as you use your card to make a purchase.

However, this credit card has an upgraded option known as Gold status. Gold status comes with a $20 reward when you earn up to 500 points in a month. This credit card also has another option that might suites you. It’s called platinum status and it offers a $30 reward when you earn at least 750 points in a month.

Let’s look at each medium step by step and show you steps and a guide on how you can pay bills with them. Remember, each of these options is very easy and fast to use. The reason for showing you each of these options is for you to choose your proffered option from it.

Each of them will help you make quick, fast, and easy payments anytime any day. As we proceed there are so many things I’ll be writing for you that‘ll help you to make payment.

How to pay a bill with a JCPenney credit card online

There are different methods you can make payment with a JCPenney credit card and you can see some of the steps below.

  • First, login your account
  • Search and locate “pay online” and click on it
  • Select a convenient payment option that suits you.
  • Finally, make your payment.

Follow the steps below to pay bills with your mail

All cardholders can also make payments with their mail. You can use the mail option in making your payment and the address you’ll use to make your payment is Synchrony Financial, P.O. Box 960090, FL 32896-0090. While you make payment, please include your JCPenney account number on your check.

You can see your account number on your statement. If you want to ensure your payment is received on time, I’ll suggest that your mail payment should be done at least 5 business days before the due date. This date will be displayed on your monthly billing statement.

However, it’s always advised that before you make a mail payment, you’ll have to call the customer service number to confirm.

Make a payment on the phone

To make payment with your phone simply call 1-800-527-4403 and then follow the voice prompts to make your payment on the phone. This is the main step you need to follow to be able to make payment with your phone.

Payment in stores

This is an option for you to use to make payment. In case you don’t want to make payment with your phone, your mail, you can simply make payment through JCPenney stores. All you need to do is to visit the nearest JCPenney store in person and make your payment with a check or with a money order, or with cash.

JCPenney credit card customer service number

Their customer service is always available for calls anytime any day. You can contact them by calling the number on the card’s secure website. Their customer service will help you get quick assistance regarding any issues that you’ll encounter when trying to make a payment.

However, you’ll be directed to a team of customer service experts who will be ready to handle any issue you’ll face.

How to Apply for a JCPenney credit card

Firstly, to apply for this credit card, you’re advised to review the terms and conditions of the card. With their terms and conditions, you know if this card is the ideal card for you. However, you follow the steps to app for the card online.

  • Go to Synchrony financial application portal
  • Then fill in your details which will comprise of your first name, M.I., last name, Suffix, street address, and more
  • Tap on the box to add a joint application
  • Click on “continue” this is the last application method.

In-store Application

Simply visit the JCPenney store to apply for their credit card. When you get there, they’ll ask you to submit same information’s that online applicant uses to apply. To do this, all you need to do is to locate the nearest store close to you to apply.

JCPenney credit card Login

The following steps below are the simple method you can use to log in.

  • Open your browser and fill in this link
  • Go to the page and fill in your password and ID
  • Click on “secure login” to gain access to your credit card account.

Finally, if you’re having issues login into your JCPenney credit card account may be because you didn’t remember your password or user ID again. Don’t worry it can be recovered. Follow the guide below to that.

  • Fill this link in your browser
  • Go down and click on “find user ID”
  • Fill your card number
  • Also fill in your zipcode
  • And finally click on “find user ID” to be able to retrieve your user ID.

Finally, these steps are for recovering of your user ID. However to recover your password, you’ll have to follow same steps but the different is that you’ll have to click on “reset password” option and the password will be recovered.