Kroger Near Me hour – Locate the Kroger shop Near your location

Kroger Near Me hour – Locate the Kroger shop Near your location

Kroger Near Me hour – Kroger Near Me helps you find the nearest Kroger locations near me. It’s one of the largest retailers of the American chain of supermarkets and groceries.

kroger near me hours

It used to be the largest supermarket chain in the U.S based on revenue and the second-largest retailer in general.

The company started in 1883 by Barney Kroger in Cincinnati.It was built out of Barney’s life savings.

The store grew to 40 in a year. Now, there are over 2800 locations plus the headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The company owns a variety of American brands. Hence, you can get more of it here.

Kroger Near Me- Kroger Near Me hour

Outside find the closest location, you’ll learn more about the hours and coupons.

Here is the number of locations in each American states:

Alabama: 12 stores

Arkansas: 32 stores

Arizona: 3 stores

California: 9 stores

Colorado: 2 stores

Florida: 3 stores

Georgia: 170 stores

Idaho: 1 store

Illinois: 38 stores

Indiana: 109 stores

Louisiana: 11 stores

Michigan: 127 stores

Minnesota: 1 store

Missouri: 4 stores

Mississippi: 30 stores

Montana: 1 store

Nevada: 3 stores

New York: 2 stores

Ohio: 212 stores

Oregon: 1 store

South Carolina: 13 stores

Tennessee: 121 stores

Texas: 214 stores

Utah: 2 stores

Virginia: 64 stores

Washington: 2 stores

Wisconsin: 2 stores

West Virginia: 41 stores

There are two ways to find the store; sing your map and using your zip code.

How to find Kroger Near Me using Zip Code

Open your browser and visit

On this page, you can search for the store nearby using Zipcode, ity or state.

You can use the rch using my Location” button.

The list of stores is there. lick on the next page to find the nearest to your location.

Also, ey in your city name or zip code.

You’ll see the address of each location and the hotline for the store.

You can view the open hours. lick on Get Directions to get map direction.


Benefits of Kroger Near Me

You get to easily find a ore near me.

Get more information about a specific Grocery.

You can check on the hours of a particular location.

Set up a route to a selected store.

Read customer reviews.

Kroger Hours

There are many locations in the U.S and as such, t’s normal that the hours of each may vary from the other.

Some of the hours include:

Every day: 6:00AM – 11:00PM

eachdayay: 6:00AM – 1:00AM

Every day: 6:00AM – 12:00AM

Every day: 5:00AM – 1:00AM

Other Kroger Services

Kroger Coupon; this allows you to e purchases at lower prices if not free extra products.

You can get one at

Kroger Credit Card;it offers you lots of benefits and rewards for making purchases using it.