Line app : Features, Free Calls & Messages 

Line app |  Features, Free Calls & Messages 

Line app is the best messaging and calling apps that you can use for effective communication at zero cost. Messaging and calling today has become the most used method of passing information to our loved ones, friends, business associates, customers, clients, and group communications.

Line app

When we talk about messaging and calling, we bear in mind most social media app such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, Slack, Telegram, Signal, Microsoft team and so on.

With all these apps which enable the sending of text messages and calls through the internet have gone a long way in making the traditional SMS text messages almost useless.

Staying in touch with your friends and loved ones are very important to everyone, hence we can’t really do without most of these messaging and calling apps. However, in making choices of any of the apps to use, the Line App is one of the most trusted apps that you can use to meet your needs.

About Line App

The Line App is a free app for instant communications such as text messages and calls on electronic devices like smartphones and PC. It’s for sending or receiving texts, images, videos, audio, video conference and conduction of VoIP conversations.

Also, it offers services such as digital wallet through the Line Pay, news stream, video on demand, Line Manga and Webtoon.


Line app is developed by Line Corporation a subsidiary of Naver Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. The line was launched in 2011,  in Japan with over 100 million users after the first 18 months of the launch. It became the largest social network in Japan between  2013  and 2013 with over 560 million users worldwide. Though it was originally made for Android and iOS Smartphones, it has since expanded to Blackberry OS and Windows phones like the Nokia Asha.

Features of Line App

You can say that Line is what WhatsApp is to most people. But I must say that going through these features, you’ll discover that Line has more features than the WhatsApp except for the WhatsApp business version.

The line has lots of features and since it’s a multiple platform app that works both on smartphones, computers (Windows or macOS), it has a good syncing system making it friendlier to work with. Below are the features of the Line App:


It comes with good stickers such as sticker emotions in and this type isn’t in the WhatsApp app. For fans that love interpreting their emotions with stickers, you’ll find the line stickers very interesting and fulfilling. It has stickers that have practically every possible emotion.

It’s completely free

The line Messenger is 100% free whether video call or voice call.

Making Group Calls

It offers group call feature, hence there’s no need for group chat. Now, it’s possible to call a whole group. However, you can talk and chat with only 200 people on the messenger group at a time.


It offers a line game that only users of the line App can install and play it. In this game, you can connect with friends, send and accept items and earn friend points. This line game ranges from Puzzles, match-three, side-scroller, musical performance, battle and so on. Since the inception of this game, it has been downloaded 200 million times.

Line Friends

It features characters that show stickers such as Brown, Cony, Sally, James, Moon, Boss Jessica, Edward, Leonard, Choco, Pangyno and Rangers. It sees Line friends as employees for the fictional line Corporation.

The line Pay

This is another feature that you can use to make payments worldwide. It was introduced on December 16, 2014. It enables users to request and send money from users in their contact list and make mobile payments.

Line Taxi

This particular feature was launched in January 2015. It’ in partnership with Nihon Kotsu a local taxi service company in Japan.

The Line Wow

The line Wow came alongside Line Taxi, it enables users to access instant delivery services through registered food or products.

Other features that come with the Line App are Line Man, Line Today, Line TV, and Line Shopping.

Line Sign up

  • To start using Line or log in to Line, you must have to sign up first. You‘ll create a channel and associate your service with the channel. In creating a channel, you need your name, description, and icon image. After creating the channel, you’ll be given a Channel ID to identify our Channel.

Login Line

To login line, you need to log in to your console using your email address and password of your Line account or your QR code on the login screen. Now, click on the login to the console tab.

  • Secondly, register as a developer(first login)
  • Fill in your name, and email address to create a developer account on the Line developers console
  • Create a new provider-This is the entity that offers the app
  • Confirm it
  • Create a Channel by entering the needed information for your Channel
  • Confirm it
How to Download LINE APP

If you want to download the Line App, just visit your app store on your Smartphone mobile whether Android, iOS or Windows, type in Line app. And it’ll display the app. Click on down to download the app.

It’s free, though you must have an internet-enabled device and data to enable a successful download of the app. After downloading, install the app and register it and start using your app to sent messages, free calls and use all the features available on the app.