Metrolyrics | Best Lyrics Site to Get Free Online Songs Lyrics

Metrolyrics | Best Lyrics Site to Get Free Online Songs Lyrics

Metrolyrics is the best site to get the correct lyrics to any song online. Let’s talk about Metrolyrics. It is well known that many people out there, love playing music and lip singing toward the song they are playing. You might even be listening to music as you’re reading this.


We do sing to songs that we don’t even know the lyrics of the song. We just keep singing on even though we are not saying the right things.

Interestingly, with Metrolyrics you can download or get a song’s lyrics, video, or audio music lyric. To know more, just keep on with this article.


Metrolyrics is a platform where you can get song lyrics. Without writing so much, all you need to know about the explanation is already given above. All that you need to know is the existence of this platform also the founder which is the person that created the platform. Let’s see a brief history.

Metrolyrics like we said earlier is a dedicated lyrics website that was discovered in the year 2002. It was discovered by MilunTesovic. The parent service is CBS Interactive. The database of Metrolyrics contains more than 1 million songs produced by different artists.

It also cuts across different countries. This platform of Metrolyrics is also a music video streaming website, thereby you can watch any music video on the platform.

In addition to streaming music videos on the site, you can as well listen to songs on the platform. Although you will be directed to the “Apple Music” platform. If you are an iOS user, you will know that Apple music is meant for iOS devices.

Metrolyrics Website

Everything that has to do with online or internet also has to do with the website. Without a website, users can’t access or visit your online page. The website which I am trying to explain here “www. Then the name of the site you are visiting then .com”. It is not something new. It is what we use in accessing every kind of online page, including this. Coming to Metrolyrics, the website is This is also where to get the authentic information. When you visit this link on your web browser, it will take you to their homepage where you will have access to so many songs and their lyrics.

Asides from all that this article have mentioned, there are some other features which can be called genres on the site. The genres are placed on the different lists of songs like the site has “Top 100, Videos, Features.

It also Artists category” and also with a search tool for you to make your search easy. Right now, I want to take you through the steps on how to get song lyrics on the site.

 Songs Lyrics

Firstly, the lyrics cannot be downloaded but you can just highlight the lyrics text and copy it to your device. You can paste it on your notepad or Microsoft word to save the lyric.

But apart from that, there is a way you can also save lyrics on this website and that is by printing. We will be coming to that part, let us find talk about how you can find lyrics of songs first.

How to Get Songs Lyric

The following below will direct you on how to go about it.

  • First of all, you have to visit the site homepage by typing at
  • The link will now take you to the site homepage.
  • Now, search for the name of the song you want to see the lyric on the search tool or engine at the top of the page. Or you can just scroll down the homepage to find a song that you will love.
  • After searching and you find The song, click on it and it will take you to a new page where the lyric will be displayed on.
  • But if you want to save the lyric to your device like I said you can just highlight the lyric.
  • Then copy and paste it to your device notepad. And I said again that you can print the lyric, printing the lyric is not saving it offline to your device but it will look like a shortcut form to access the lyric.

To print any song lyric on Metrolyrics, you just have to click on the link “Print Lyrics” at the top of the new page where the lyric writeup is. Then click print of the pop-up page, then the shortcut will be saved to your device and you can access it whenever you want but clicking on the saved shortcut on your device. Enjoy your music.