MSN Hot Mail | Sign Up for Microsoft Hotmail account


MSN Hot Mail | Sign Up for Microsoft Hotmail account

MSN hot mail is the email service owned by Microsoft. It’s a web-based email service that offers users free email services. Email services are so important that if you must remain relevant and be kept updated, you must have an active email account.

msn hot mail

When talking about email, there’s no doubt that there’re two major email services being MSN hot mail by Microsoft and Gmail by Google.

There’re other email services providers such as AOL, Webmail, Yahoo mail and so on. But in this article, I’ll be considering the MSN hot mail, how to sign up, login and another important thing you need to know About MSN hot mail account.

When it comes to webmail services, MSN hot mail is one of the first email services to reckon with. It’s also called the outlook. It was founded in the year 1996 as a hot mail by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California. However, its headquarters in Sunnyvale. Microsoft later acquired Hotmail in 1997 at a whooping sum of $400 million and now launched it as MSN Hotmail. Later, it was rebranded to Windows Live Hotmail and it’s a part of Windows live suite products. In 1999, it became the most used webmail services with over 30 million users. Though when Google later launched its own email services, the Gmail in 2004, with later storage space, speed and interface flexibility, it then became a stronger competitor to the MSN hot mail services.

Benefits of MSN hot mail

  • It has a good user interface for interacting with your friends and loved ones that you want to chat with.
  • helps users to connect their accounts to Microsoft outlook where they can download all their emails.
  • Offers users enhanced spam filtering where messages just before typing in inside your inbox are instantly filtered
  • It offers increased security when it comes to hacking and phishing, but it’s the owners that will take the real guidelines on how to secure their profile from the Hackers.

How to Sign up for MSN hot mail account

  • To sign up for MSN hot mail, visit the signup page at
  • Enter your desired email or click on the get a new email address. This will help you to re-enter a username that’s not already used by another person.
  • Enter your email password, you may be needed to enter it thrice for verification purposes.
  • Choose your country/region from the field provided and select the list of countries. In the next phase, enter your postal code information in the right field.
  • To protect your information, provide your country code, phone number (if you forgot your password), and provide an alternative email address and you’ll have to complete your CAPTCHA security check for human identification.
  • After this, you’ll be notified that your application is successful.

How to login your Hotmail or

Once you open your MSN hot Mail account, you can access it through your mobile devices or through a web browser from your windows, Mac OS computers and so on. Below are the set of process to help you log in to your Hotmail account online.

  • You can log in to your outlook app, just download it from your app store and install. Thereafter, launch the application and fill in the right information to log in to our Hotmail account.

If you’re using iPhone use the steps below:

  • From your app store, search for outlook Mail a download it
  • Enter your Hotmail address  and click on continue
  • Provide your email address password and tap the sign in or the next button

Now if you want to sync your personal content like calendar, contacts and other, you’ll give Outlook app the permission to start the syncing process, after that, all our data will be available on all your devices.

Some Hotmail Sign in Problems

You may have so many login passwords for different purposes. But to remember them might be a bit difficult. And anytime you don’t remember them, you won’t be able to log in to your account. Since this is the major problem the your Hotmail account, below are the steps to recover your Hotmail account.

How to Recover your Hotmail Account

To recover your Hotmail an account or email or password, you have 3 ways to do that. You can use your phone number, alternative email address, personal information that you entered when registering for the email.

How you can reset your Hotmail account

  • To recover your password go to the
  • Select how you want to recover your password, you can click on  I forgot my password
  • Select your email or your phone for Hotmail to send you a verification number. When they send you your verification code, enter in the space and click on next or verify.
Steps to Bookmark your MSN hot mail inbox

Bookmarking MSN hot mail inbox is very important since it can be accessed from any web browser. If you’re quite sure that no one has access to your computer, you can go ahead to bookmark your Hotmail inbox. To achieve this bookmarking follow the steps below:

  • Create a fresh bookmark or favorite in your browser using this address:
  • Provide the bookmark a meaningful name such as Hotmail inbox
  • You can use a newly created bookmark to go to the Hotmail login page
  • Key in your Hotmail login details. However, you must ensure that you remember your password and then, click on the sign in to access your Hotmail account. If you like, you can make the MSN live Hotmail to go straight to your inbox as it loads.