My eBay Account | How to create an eBay account-Ebay purchases

My eBay Account | How to create an eBay account-eBay purchases

My eBay Account- This is an American multinational e-commerce corporation in San Jose California. They process most of their business transaction through their website. eBay company was founded in the year 1995 by Pierre Omidyar.

my ebay account

This company is not just anyhow company rather it’s a multibillion-dollar business. They’re in operation in about 32 countries last two years.

As we proceed, you’ll understand why most persons are using this app. Now let’s go into the main topic of this article.

 My eBay Account

eBay is the right place people visit when they want to buy goods online at a very cheap price.  It’s a platform online where users from all the part of the world have access to and they can always make use of it.

People who wish to buy products outside their country use them to get goods online and as well sell them in their own country.

If you buy goods from eBay and sell, you’ll make much benefit because of their cheap price. You can think about the money you’ll be making just by buying goods from an online store. Because of their profit, they have gotten so many customers all around different countries. However, you have so many things to benefit from, just by signing in.

How to sign up for My  eBay account

For you to enjoy this benefit you’ve to register with them first. We’ll be showing you how to register with eBay below.

  • You can register through this link,
  • Fill in your details by filling in your first and last name, and your email. If you don’t have an email, you create one.
  • You can put in your desired password on the account and click on “create account”. You can follow the onscreen prompt afterward; this might be different on another device.

Above is the simple method of creating an account with eBay, once you’re done with these steps, you can then start enjoying your account. Below we’ll be showing you steps on how you can create an account using your Facebook account.

Creating my eBay Account using Facebook

Here is another chance for you to have an eBay account on Facebook. You can see the steps below.

  • Go to your registration page and click on “continue with Facebook”.
  • Click on it to sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Allow eBay to get to your public profile and your email.
  • Confirm the email address you need to use in your account.
  • Click, to select your account.

eBay will collect your data to make a record for you, they’ll send a message to your so you can confirm your account. When you’re done with these steps, you’ve successfully linked your Facebook account to eBay. Let’s also show you how you can create an account using apple.

Creating an Account Using Apple

The steps we’ll be showing you below are for people using Apple products. You use your Apple ID to make your account. You can follow the steps below to achieve that.

  • On your registration page, select that you want to continue with apple.
  • Then enter your Apple ID and select the arrow.
  • The arrow you’ll select is located at the pop-up.
  • You’ll be sent a 6 digit apple verification code, enter the code to confirm your account.
  • Then select “trust this program”
  • Then click on continue.

When you’re done with these steps, you’ve successfully linked your account with eBay. Let’s show you how you can log in to your account with eBay.

eBay Account Login

Follow the steps below to achieve that.

  • Connect your working device and go to the eBay account sign-in, you can use this link to go to the page.


  • Put in your email or account username and press the continue button.
  • You can now put in your account password and hit the sign-in button.

Once you’re done with this step, you’ve completely signed in.

eBay Vacation Mode

Let’s quickly look at what this is about; this is designed to help you deal with problems happening when you’re on holiday. However, it’s a setting that allows you to hide your listings for a certain period of time. Before using it, you need to consider few things.

Once your eBay vacation mode is on, you’ll be charged a normal fee. If you’re updated, your listening will be hidden immediately as to process the effect after days. Once you turn it on it will remain effective until you turn it off.

However, when your fixed price listing is hidden, your buyers cannot see them in your eBay store. Even on the search results, or cross-promotion, it’ll still not be seen.

When a buyer wants to buy goods while you’re on vacation, they’ll be notified that you’re on vacation. As a business owner, using eBay will help you a lot; you’ll make so much money from it.

It has paid so many people who have registered, if you want to register your account, you can follow the steps in this article.

In conclusion, you can take a break from your store; you can do this by turning on the vacation mode. Hiding your fixed price listening helps to prevent your customers from waiting for packages you can’t send to.

Mainly when you’re busy or on vacation, you can turn it on when your back to notify your customers that you’re ready for business.