Nuffic OKP Scholarship 2021/2022 for Developing Countries 

Nuffic OKP Scholarship 2021/2022 for Developing Countries 

Nuffic OKP scholarship program for 2021/2022 is currently ongoing. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives two types of scholarships to media and communications professionals. This opportunity is for different developing countries. Both scholarships are issued by Nuffic, the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education.

nuffic okp scholarship

One of these scholarships is open for the 2021/2022 application phase. The Nuffic OKP scholarship 2021 is available to mainly 53 countries; however, you can find your country in the list and apply for this scholarship.

Details of Nuffic OKP Scholarship 2021-2022 in the Netherlands

This scholarship program is available in 53 countries and it has three application windows in a year. Maybe you might miss the first application phase, don’t worry, they’re another application phase that’ll still come up which you might not miss. The first application date of the scholarship program is usually around February. The second application date comes up around May/June and lastly, the last application date comes up every October.

Each of these dates listed is mainly the date the Nuffic OKP scholarship starts. It’s advisable you take note of this date so that you can know when the application date starts and how you can apply for it. As you read on, you’ll see the criteria required for this scholarship application and also you’ll also see steps that will help you apply for it. Let’s proceed to the eligibility requirement of this scholarship program.

Eligibility requirement on Nuffic OKP scholarship application

The scholarship Program (OKP) does not have a specific age limit, it focuses on mid-career professionals. You can check below to know if you’ll meet the requirements to be eligible for a Nuffic OKP scholarship:

  • You’ve to be a national that lives and works in one of the countries on the Nuffic OKP list which you can locate here.
  • You should have an Employer’s Statement that goes with the format that Nuffic has provided.
  • Note that applicants must have an official and valid passport.
  • You must not attend two or more courses at the same time.
  • Applicants will have to provide a Government Statement if it’ll be needed – please you can check here to see if you need one.
  • Applicants must not be employed by an organization that has its own means of staff development.

The above listed are the requirement you should consider before applying for this scholarship program. If you don’t have any of these requirements you might not be qualified to apply for them. You can go through it again so that you can master the things you need to do.

Application Procedures

To apply for this scholarship program is very easy, just like we explained at the beginning of the article that the application occurs three times a year.

  • How you can apply for this scholarship program: just like we explained, the application for Nuffic OKP Scholarship 2021/2022 is in two phases;
  • The first Phase: you’ll have to register on RNTC website and also to check if you are eligible, choose a course during your registration, and make sure to indicate in the application form that you are intending to apply for an OKP scholarship.
  • The second phase: you can use the link sent to you during” phase one” to start your application in the Delta system of Nuffic. However, your application has to be completed and submitted in one go. That has you follow the directives given to you.

Document Requirement:

All applicants are expected to provide a Valid Copy of their Passport, an Employer’s Statement, and also a Government Statement. That’s only if it’s applicable in your country. Your application should be done based on the date of the application phase. Just as it’s listed, you can note the different dates of the scholarship application so that you can apply for it. Good luck.