Old Navy Credit Card : 5 things to note about Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy Credit Card: 5 things to note about Old Navy Credit Card

Do you want a good credit card?  Old navy credit card is one of the best-suited credit cards for people who often shop at stores. Stores like Gaps, Banana, Athlete, Hill city, Gap-brand outlets factory stores all accept old navy credit cards. It has so many benefits when you make use of this credit card.

Old navy Credit card

A lot of cash backs are waiting for you once you apply and start shopping with this credit card. Note that not all applicants will be offered an old navy credit card. There are things you must note before applying for this credit card.

Old Navy Credit Card

Old navy credit card is like other credit cards out there, but they’re unique qualities that go with an old navy card which makes it more unique. All card users will stand a chance to enjoy cash backs, low charges, and many more. All of these benefits are what you’ll discover as we proceed.

However, synchrony Bank is the bank that issues this credit card to the applicant. In case you want to apply, visit any synchrony bank close to you and apply for it. Well, they’re much in stock for you to know about this credit card.

Note that this card doesn’t offer a traditional new cardholder bonus when it comes with extra points. You can only earn points when you make a purchase with a credit card.

Five things to note about old navy credit card

I’ll be showing you so many things you don’t know about this credit card that’ll interest you. I am going to be listing them for you carefully. Are you already interested in getting this credit card? I believe that before I’ll be done explaining the importance of this credit card, you will rush and apply for it.

How to earn a point with a navy card

All cardholders are entitled to some point when they make a purchase with their credit card. However, for every $1 you spend on goods, you’ll receive 5% from it. Isn’t that interesting? Also, you’ll also earn 1 point on every $1 you spend outside their brand in stores that a navy credit card is accepted. When your points get to 500 points, it’ll be converted to money.

Every 500 points will give you $5. Also, you’ll receive a cashback when you redeem your fee with your credit card. You can redeem your reward in the different brands where the credit card is accepted. For example, old navy, Gap, Gap Factory, banana republic factory, Athleta in the US.

How to use a navy credit card outside the US

In case you’re wondering if this credit card can be accepted outside US, the answer is yes. This credit card can be accepted anywhere a navy visa card is accepted. However you can use it in Canada, or any credit card is accepted outside the US.

How your application will be approved

Navy credit card applications can be in a store or online. Whenever you apply for this credit, you’ll be notified that your credit card has been approved. However, you’ll receive a letter from synchrony bank for a period of 30 days.

Once the letter gets to you, it means that your credit card has been approved. Those whose credit card application is accepted will send their new card through US mail which might take within 7 to 10 days. Starting from the day the card is approved.

Can you make use of the card immediately you receive it?

Applicants that applied in stores will receive a temporal shopping pass. However, this shopping pass involves their name, their account number, the date of issue, APR, and a temporal credit card limit.

Also, you’ll have to provide a valid ID card that’s issued by the government or a valid driver’s license.  This is applicable to customers who will also apply for this credit card online. Once you’ve provided the required information, you’ll have access to the online store for your shopping and more.

How to activate your navy card.

Activating your credit card is very easy, and you can do that without any assistance. All you need to do is to log in to the asynchrony online website. When you log in to this site or contact their customer service, all you’ve to do is to follow the directions that’ll get.

How to authorize your user account

Firstly, who is an authorized user? This is simply a person who has been approved by a cardmember to use the same Gap inc. they’re different ways you can authorize your account.

  • Your phone: you can easily call the customer service number which is listed in this article. When you contact them, you’ll be directed on what to do.
  • Online: with this process, you can authorize your user account. from the website

Finally, authorized users are not joint applicants who are not financially stable for account activity. However, the monthly billing of every cardmember will include all activity made by authorized users. The purchases made by cardmember and authorized users are not divided on the billing statement.