Online courses in Spanish: Best Online Spanish Courses Websites

Online courses in Spanish: Best Online Spanish Courses Websites

Having the knowledge of the best Online courses in  Spanish makes it simple and easy for you to improve on your language learning skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced user.

online courses in Spanish

When you master a new programming language, you can definitely have a positive change in your career. So do you know that speaking multiple languages can also give you a similar competitive edge?

However, in the current global marketplace, being exposed to and learning different languages can greatly enhance your resume. So if you would love to study and learn Spanish then read this Online Spanish Courses article.

Some Online Spanish Courses

For beginners, the language is the official language of about twenty-four countries. It’s been estimated that there are over 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide. So this makes them too many demographic.

However, learning the languages will expose your chances of working in a Spanish-speaking country or maybe studying in one. Or, maybe you can simply want to visit a Spanish-speaking country with some knowledge of the language.

Some Listed Free Online Spanish Courses

To learn Spanish isn’t as difficult as a number of other languages like Mandarin or Russian. And this is because Spanish vocabulary has similar Latin and French roots as the English language.

Meanwhile, Spanish doesn’t really require you to learn a totally new alphabet, and so many of Spanish words are spelled phonetically. This simply shows the importance of learning complicated spelling rules.

The selected and Best Online Spanish Courses

Since you’ll register for a college or university language course, in this article we’ll feature the best short courses online for learning Spanish.

Some of it is what can be more cost-effective though not as in-depth. Below are some online platforms that you can use to learn Spanish:

AIB Network:

In case you’re just starting out, the Spanish language for Beginners set of video lectures is a wonderful free resource. Some of the playlists have 22 videos that’ll take you from an absolute novice to a fluent speaker.

Some of these videos are hosted on YouTube and it begins with a run-through of the Spanish alphabet. Also, it also provides vowels and laying down some basic principles of pronunciation.

Most of the course focuses on mastering the verbs. So the instructor uses tables or charts to assist you to use the proper verb.


This is simply the next step you can use to build your vocabulary. Once you already have the handout from your class, the next step is to build your vocabulary in order for you to have meaningful conversations.

However, the specialization is created for beginners and consists of 5 courses that are supposed to be taken sequentially. The Course duration differs, but you should be able to complete the specialization in about five months.

Some of the courses within the specialization have different types of videos and a good amount of reading lessons. All of these are to assist you to build a working Spanish vocabulary.

Butterfly Spanish

This is another upgraded version of the Spanish language. I guess you don’t care about mastering the nuances of the language and just want to start out verbalizing. That means you’ll watch the Learn Spanish in 30 minutes video.

This video will teach you about some 100 Spanish phrases that you must know so as to have a meaningful conversation.

What makes this video unique from various others like it, it’s because the trainer has carefully collected the list of most practical and useful words, phrases, and questions.

Also, they’re available handy in many various situations and settings. From the beginning to the end of the video, she’ll also assist you to put the words and phrases in context. And also she will explain the nuances when necessary.

Spanish and Go

This training is important for those planning to visit Spanish speaking country. So if you’re planning to visit a Spanish-speaking country, then you don’t really need to put in time and energy to master the language.

However, the Beginner Spanish Phrases “Every Traveler Must Know” video is a good enough resource. This will help equip you with only enough Spanish to enjoy your travels.

You’ll learn their common greetings and phrases for being polite, the video will teach you sufficient Spanish. In other to assist you while shopping, and managing reservations in hotels, restaurants, and other places.

Nevertheless, the trainer will round up the video with some questions and phrases that ought to be in the repertoire of each traveler.


This Duolingo is a free learning resource that you can access either through its website or a smartphone app. The app offers over 30 language courses for English speakers and Spanish is one of the most popular ones. It has about 27.1 million Spanish language learners.