Online Dating with Facebook- Facebook Dating Free Features

Online Dating with Facebook- Facebook Dating Free Features

Talking about Facebook Online Dating Apps, are you aware that recently the online dating on Facebook gets more interesting daily? It’s now more interesting than before; adults are going online to find love on daily basis. However, the use of this online dating app by youths and young adults has nearly tripled since 2013. It has about 15 percent of all American adults giving it a try.

online dating with facebook

Meanwhile, some of these dating sites and apps see increased traffic daily, and a jump in engagement and new members.

Online dating on this platform is one of the best features that Facebook has introduced and it’s accepted by so many people. As a member of this dating platform, you’ll get the opportunity to meet different types of people and make a choice from a long list with no cost attached.

Online Dating with Facebook

Over the years, Facebook has become the most visited social media platform around the world. Meanwhile, there are different online dating platforms that you can find on Facebook.

But of recent the dating app has been able to accept all other dating apps including the ones outside Facebook. This has however tripled the Facebook uses over time as the dating app cannot be used separately from the main Facebook app.

This platform is accessed through your existing Facebook account, so dating is an opt-in experience with a separate profile and messaging system. The best part of this platform is that your Dating profile and activity are not visible to your Facebook friends. Also, this dating platform will not suggest to your Facebook friends as matches.

Some Facebook Online Dating Apps

Below are some of the lists of the Facebook dating app, you can go through them to know the one to go for;

Facebook dating

The Facebook dating app is the most recent dating platform and this list wouldn’t be complete without this app. This dating app is a matchmaking platform available through the Facebook app.

However, it is accessed through your existing Facebook account. This dating app is an opt-in experience with a separate profile and messaging system. Meanwhile, your Dating profile and activity are not visible to your Facebook friends and this Dating app will not suggest your Facebook friends as matches.

Most times matches are suggested based on your preferences, your interests, and other things you do on Facebook. For example, the Groups you join and the Events you attend. Facebook dating aims to the work out, creating a dating profile, and offers a more authentic look at who someone is.


FirstMet is an online dating service with more than 30 million installed users and over 3 million Facebook fans. What makes this platform unique? It’s because this app is an integrated approach to online dating.

However, FirstMet connects users through mutual friends and interests, using multiple platforms. Some of these platforms are the Facebook app, an iPhone app, an Android app, and a website.

Some other Facebook Online Dating Apps

Apart from the Facebook dating apps we’ve listed; they’re still other dating apps which you can find through Facebook. Meanwhile, you can see some of these apps below;


This app has rebranded itself as a “relationship app,” it’s meant to be an alternative to endlessly swiping on Tinder. Instead of looking at a couple of photos to decide “yes” or “pass” on a potential match. This app encourages users to take a deep dive into each profile instead.

However, with no swiping feature, users can “like” certain photos that others share in their profiles. From there, they can easily choose to strike up a conversation.

Hinge dating app provides prompts to help users get creative and share things that show off their personalities. So users can become more engaged in the process of online dating.


This dating app was launched in 2011 by Massive Media, and since then it has grown to be one of the biggest sites in the world. As of last year, it was bought by Meetic and it’s now partnered with OkCupid in the U.S., both owned by IAC.

This app features matchmaking algorithms that connect users to others based on both location and interests.

I can say that this app is more than just a dating site; it encourages people to who are interested in meeting friends to join. Furthermore, its main use is for connecting people with similar interests.

Meanwhile, even if they are looking for a relationship or not. Users are around the world, and this site is available in 38 languages and available as a mobile app.

Finally, these are some of the Facebook app that can help you find your desired soul mate.

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