Payback | Multichannel Marketing Platform & Payback Benefits


Payback | Multichannel Marketing Platform & Payback Benefits

Payback is a company with real success in Germany, Poland, Italy, Mexico, and India. It is a fidelity program and also a multi-channel marketing platform with a well-set-up platform. Furthermore, it’s a productive line.


This platform enables users to gather points with its company’s app offline, online and utilize it with just one card. In Germany, 30 million of generic customers are using the program and taking advantage of its benefits.

8 out of 10 Germans are using it because of the brand Payback. Furthermore, in 2016, 33 billion coupons were distributed, making this platform Germany’s leading coupon platform.

It’s one of the most important multi-channel marketing platforms. It also incorporates a massive overall line and combines them with personalization.

Payback Company History

Bernhard Brugger joined the corporation around 2000 before the launch of Payback. Since then he has been useful within the development and success of the project from the beginning.

His leading role as the CEO of Payback Germany paved way for his promotion as the position of CEO of Payback Europe and Loyalty Partner in 2013.

Dominick drives forward the advancement of PAYBACK that specializes in digitization, multi-channel marketing, and global communication.

Markus Knorr is in charge of finances, controlling, legal matters, and buying at Loyalty Partner. He is a graduate of economics at the University of Stuttgart Hoffenheim.

Becoming prominent in his professional career in 2001. This was within the Controlling and Accounting department at debitel AG in Stuttgart. His last position was Head of International Controlling. After three and a half years of his working experience, he took charge of the Loyalty Partner also.

Due to his role within the company, Conrad Pozsgai is additionally leading the Analytics and Business Intelligence teams, being the interface between product data and IT.

His division points to testing data-driven initiatives of massive Data and real-time. this can be both on a national and international level grade.

Pozsgai started his career at Payback as a web Account Manager. Before seizing as Head of development. Also, he was to blame for the Operations IT and Analytics departments. He became the director guilty of creating the platform in Poland. this can be thanks to his activities for the corporate in Germany.

Payback Benefits – Payback Points

There are some benefits users do derive from using the platform and its service just like the Payback point. Most of those benefits are listed below.

PAYBACK is Germany’s darling marketing and couponing platform. Also, it’s its largest likewise. There is a large range of retail and online partners on the service.

A high level of public awareness and even on the web. It has a high level of effective marketing concepts for its partners in the slightest degree times.

Personal Data –

Payback Multichannel Marketing. This is a number of the data’s processing or the system by which the corporate handles personal data . So, to realize a superb service Complying with data protection requirements TÜV guarantees its personal data protection system.

The corporate also handles the information it collects from any loyalty participants program responsibly. And per the provisions of the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz or “BLDG”) No address trading

In other words, it doesn’t sell or trade customer addresses or customer data. Only the corporate can access all the non-public data or the corporate that issued the cardboard.

High IT security

The company uses a spread of measures to form sure that their customer data is safe. this is often finished a security architecture. Having several firewalls and a transparent structure of rights defining. It can access any data, and clearly defined interfaces to partner companies. Data that are transferred electronically is encrypted through the internationally recognized SSL security standard.

How to Access Payback Login – Payback Account

For users to access their Payback account in other to use all the available services they have to follow these simple payback login steps.

  • Enter the web site URL
  • Input your 16 digit payback number.
  • Then link your mobile number.
  • Fill in your four-digit pin.
  • Click on the login caption below.
 Privacy Policy

Millions of people in Germany use this platform to gather points daily. Also, they enjoy the advantages of the loyalty program in their everyday lives. They rightly expect their data to be private and standard.

More so, data protection is of main importance to promote leaders. the corporate gives its customers full details about the program. Also, this process is on data protection during form registration. on the web site and flyers available in their partner company stores